Marking a file as final in Microsoft Office 2019

This feature makes the file read-only and identifies to readers orreviewers that it is a shared workbook that has reached completion,which prevents any further changes being made to it. You are able tomark Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2019 files as final. The followingsteps guide us in utilizing this feature:

  1. Open the worksheet to mark as final. For this example,we will use the YearlyProductSales.xlsxworkbook. 
  2. Click to select the File | Info Protect Workbook | Markas Final option,as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 295
  1. A dialog box will indicate that the document will be marked andsaved. Click on OK to continue.
  2. A further dialog box will notify the user that the document is nowfinal and that a read-only file has been created.
No editing is possible after this point unless you choose the Edit Anyway… option on the notificationpanel at the top of the workbook. The workbook would then need to besaved using a different filename.
  1. The document filename is updated to reflect Read-Only in the title bar atthe top of the Excel screen. The protect document permissions update toreflect the change.

We will now learn about the Protected mode in the following topic.

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