How to Convert MDF to Bin

Converting files between MDF to BIN is a fairly intuitive, hassle-free process. You only need an appropriate disk image handling or cloning software or conversion service. Many conversion programs support MDF, the once-popular Alcohol 120%, the standard BIN format, and other popular file formats.

File transfer between from MDF to BIN is not seamless. Alcohol images typically come with a few metadata files- mds- that cannot be properly emulated. So, if you were to perform a conversion, data between them will be lost.

Here’s a list of supported converters that are perfect for conversion from MDF to BIN and vice versa

  1. ISOBuster
  2. MagicISO
  3. gBurner
  4. Blindwrite
  5. AnyTolSO
  6. Ultra ISO

After you have downloaded any of these programs. Open the file using the application toggle down to convert and choose MDF as the format you would like to convert to. You will also need to set the storage location and navigate the menu.

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It’s a fairly simple, nearly intuitive process, and you should be able to replicate it regardless of what application you choose.

How do I extract an MDF file?

You can extract your MDF file or folder by right-clicking the file, scrolling down to ‘Open with’, and then selecting the right converter application installed on your Pc. You can alternatively open the application and drag the files into the application window or copy the there. After that, click on the extract button, and the file will begin extracting.

How do I convert a BIN file?

Open the converter of your choice

Click on tools, and then convert

Set the conversion format to Bin

Choose the source image you wish to compress or convert

Choose an output location or file you want to store the output in.

Choose the output format. Set it to Cue/Bin

And then, click the OK button to start conversion.

How do I extract an MDF file?

By using programs that can open and convert MDF files. Programs like virtual Driver Emulator software

  • Winrar
  • Daemon tools
  • Alcohol 120%
  • Power ISO
  • Ultra ISO
  • Virtual Drive Emulator software


Converting from MDF to Bin and vice versa is relatively simple, provided you have the right applications or program installed. The conversion could only fail if perhaps the file is corrupted, or the converter is buggy. On the rare occasion that the application you chose doesn’t work, you can choose any one of the numerous ones we recommended.

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