Memory is fragrant now upgrade so choose

If you want to talk about the most attractive price of any accessory now, memory is definitely one of the choices, and the mainstream 8GB memory sticks are already sprinting towards the “dream price” of $200. However, because of many new situations recently, the way the memory is upgraded has changed a lot from before, so you must pay attention when upgrading.


To say what is the difference between the current memory needs and the previous, that first is the frequency, with the specific specifications of the third generation of sharp dragon and the tenth generation of Core announced, the standard memory frequency of the next generation of processors jumped to DDR 4 3200, or even DDR4 3733, which is still rare in the market.


The other point is the capacity, ordinary applications and games memory requirements are beginning to move towards 8GB, 3A games recommended configuration is flush with 16GB. a new generation of processor capacity limits have also grown further, 16GB as the mainstream or even the basic configuration of the era is clearly fast approaching.


2D games also need 8GB of memory

In this case, if you are still a 4GB of low frequency memory, such as DDR4 2133, 2400, and want to add a group of one of the same memory would be better to directly replace it with a DDR4 3000 or so 8GB, 16GB strip. However, if you are not prepared to keep the memory strip for future upgrades, or if you are using DDR4 2666 and higher frequency 4GB strips, it is feasible to upgrade 4GB group dual channel.


In a similar situation, if you keep a pair of low-frequency, small-capacity memory for reasons such as upgrades, and if you purchase a pair of DDR4 3000 or even higher frequency memory, then simply replace the previous memory completely. Because the memory pack will operate at the lowest frequency, making it difficult for high-frequency memory to perform. With a large difference in frequency/capacity, low-frequency memory is not worth keeping.

8GB / 16GB two kinds of memory sticks and how to choose it? I still recommend 8GB as the primary choice. This is firstly because the price ratio of 16GB capacity is not yet significantly higher than 8GB strips. The second is that the high-capacity 16GB strip is more likely to have the number of Bank problems, the use of dual or even 4 strips may exceed the CPU’s memory management capabilities, but the performance drops, the problem is more complex, I will not ramble.


Bank quantity is an important “hidden attribute” of memory sticks

Finally, because of the pressure of memory price cuts, manufacturers’ pressure to limit production, and market supply and demand pressure at the same time, memory prices are confusingly fast-changing, with fluctuations of $10 or even $20 to $30 every other day (8GB) being common.



It is common to have $10 price fluctuations every other day


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