Merging cells in Microsoft Excel 2019

Merging cells means combining a number of cells. The Excel merge toolis often used to combine and center the contents of cells across partsof the worksheet. It is not possible to split cells in Excel, but youare able to merge two cells above two columns to make it appear as ifthe cells were split.

Follow these steps to merge cells as well as place the text into thecenter of the merged cells using a single action:

  1. Select the cells you would like to merge across—continue to use theexample from the previous topic. We will select cells A5:L5.
  2. From the Home tab, locate theAlignment group, and then click on theMerge & Center icon.
  3. The text centers across the merged cells.
  4. This option will not work with multiple headings—to demonstratethis, we will learn how to unmerge cells first so that we can use thetop two headings of the worksheet as an example.
  5. Select cells A1 and A2.
  6. Locate the Alignment group on theHome tab.
  7. Click on the arrow alongside Merge &Center, and then select UnmergeCells from the drop-down list.
  8. The cells are now unmerged and are located to the left of theworksheet.
  9. Let’s now center cells A1 and A2 across cells A1:L2.
  10. Select the range A1:L2.
  11. Click on the Merge & Centericon, after which an error will appear, notifying you that merging thesecells will only keep the upper-leftmost value and discard the othervalues.
    If you choose to continue by clicking on the OK command, the first heading will centeracross the selected range, but the second heading will be deleted in theprocess.
  1. To correct this, we will need to use the Merge Across option. This will keep allheadings in separate rows and merge across the range in separaterows.
  2. Click on the undo feature to remove the last action performed on theworksheet (alternatively, use the shortcut key Ctrl + Z).
  3. Select the range A1:L2 once again.
  4. Click on the drop-down arrow alongside Merge & Center, and then choose Merge Across, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot: 
ms office 74
  1. The problem is fixed, as the rows are merged and centeredindividually.

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