How to Transfer Minecraft Worlds From Xbox One to PC

With Minecraft becoming one of the most popular Sandbox games for different platforms, many players want to know how to transfer Minecraft worlds from Xbox One to PC. If you’ve been playing Minecraft on your Xbox and have already created different worlds, you might want to transfer it to PC as well. However, it’s worth noting that transferring Minecraft worlds between two platforms isn’t as easy as it sounds, mainly because files are stored differently on both these devices.

That’s why we’ve compiled a detailed guide on how to transfer Minecraft World from Xbox One to PC so that you can continue building your existing world on PC as well.


Transferring Your World Using a Realm

First and foremost, if you want to transfer the Minecraft world from Xbox One to PC, you’ll need an active Realm subscription for your account. This method is the most convenient as it’ll only take a couple of minutes to transfer the entire world from Xbox One to PC.

It is also worth noting that you haven’t used your free 30-day realm trial, this is the right time to utilize it as you won’t have to purchase the subscription. So, before everything else, make sure to create a realm on your Xbox.

Once you’ve successfully created the realm, follow these instructions to transfer Minecraft world from Xbox One to PC.

Step 1: On your Xbox one, go to the Realm list and click the “Pen” icon next to the recently created Realm.

Step 2: Select “Replace World” and pick the world that you want to transfer to PC.

Step 3: Let the world successfully upload to the server and then click “Let’s Go”.

Step 4: Now, start Minecraft on your PC and again click the “Pen” icon next to the Realm.

Step 5: Tap the “Download World” option and let the world download successfully. Now, tap “Let’s Go” to access the world on your PC.

Transferring Your World Using the iCloud Method (iOS Devices Only)

You can also use the iCloud method to transfer Minecraft from one platform to the other. However, this method will only work when you own an iOS device and want to transfer the world to a Macbook.


Here’s the step-by-step process to transfer the Minecraft world using your iCloud account.

Step 1: Open “Files Manager” on your iPhone and tap “On My iPhone”.

Step 2: Scroll down and click the “Minecraft” folder.

Step 3: Now, go to Games>com.mojang and look for a file named minecraftWorlds.

Step 4: This file contains all the Minecraft worlds. Tap & hold the file and choose “Save to Files” in the menu.

Step 5: Here you’ll see iCloud Drive. Select this option and choose the folder where you want to upload the file.

Once the file is successfully uploaded, you can use it on a Macbook as well as a backup should you ever lose Minecraft data from your iPhone. As we mentioned earlier, this method will only work if you have an iPhone and it won’t help you transfer Minecraft world from Xbox One to PC. This method will be only effective if you want to transfer the worlds from an iDevice to iCloud.

Transferring Your World to PC with UFO Transfer

Another effective method to transfer the Minecraft world from Xbox One to PC is to use the UFO method. For players who are not familiar with the concept, UFO Transfer is a dedicated program that allows players to access their Minecraft world on different devices, bxze it a PC or a smartphone.

You can install UFO Transfer on your Windows PC from the Microsoft Store and use it to transfer the MC world between the two devices. However, make sure that both the devices are connected to the same LAN network as UFO Transfer only works with LAN.


How to Transfer Minecraft Worlds from PC to Xbox One

These are a few of the methods to transfer the Minecraft world from Xbox One to PC. However, what if you want to do the exact opposite? What if you’ve been playing Minecraft on your PC and want to send all your data including the world to your recently bought Xbox One?

Again, in this case, you’ll have to follow a dedicated approach to transfer the world between the two devices. So, let’s quickly walk you through the most effective ways to send Minecraft world from PC to Xbox One.

Note: Unlike the previous methods, this one will be quite complicated and time-consuming as well. So, make sure to perform each step precisely so that you don’t make any blunders while transferring the Minecraft world from PC to Xbox One.

Step 1: Start by installing Minecraft on your Xbox One and smartphone. While you’re at it, make sure to install Onedrive on your smartphone as well.

Step 2: On your PC, open Minecraft, and download the pocket edition maps. Once the maps are successfully downloaded, upload them to your OneDrive account.

Step 3: Now, open OneDrive on your smartphone and download the map. When asked to choose an app, scroll down, and select Minecraft from the list. This will import all the “pocket edition maps” to Minecraft on your smartphone.

Step 4: Now, select a specific map and let Minecraft successfully import it from the list. Once it has been successfully imported, you’ll be able to locate it at the end of the list of worlds.

Step 5: Make sure that the map you’ve chosen earlier is a multiplayer map that supports the “Friends of Friends” gameplay. These types of maps are easier to access on different devices with the same account.

Step 6: Launch the map on your smartphone and make sure to connect it to the charger so that the screen doesn’t go off. Now, simply launch Minecraft on your Xbox, and under the “Friends” tab, you’ll see the map name. Click this map and you’ll be able to access the world on your Xbox.

No doubt, these steps are comparatively more complicated, but that’s the only way you can transfer Minecraft world from PC to Xbox One. So make sure to follow the exact step-by-step procedure to successfully transfer the worlds between these two devices.

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