Minimizing the ribbon in Microsoft Word 2019

To allow more space to work with documents, simply fold away orminimize the ribbon. This can be achieved in more than oneway:

  • Use the Collapse theRibbon option (the tiny upward-facing arrow) to theright of the ribbon to hide everything on the ribbon except the tabs. Ifyou click on a tab, it will unfold the ribbon options for thatparticular tab:
ms office 514

After selecting the desired options from the tab, take yourfocus back to the document by clicking back on the document. The ribbonwill fold away again.

  • To display the ribbon permanently, click on the ribbon displayoptions icon to the left of the minimize icon on the titlebar:
ms office 218

This drop-down list also allows you to auto-hide the ribbon andto only show the tabs. Alternatively, you can click on any tab to selectit and then double-click on the tab heading to hide the ribbon; then,double-click on the tab heading again to un-hide the ribbon. Theribbon displayoptions icon provides another method of auto-hidingthe ribbon and showing the tabs and commands.

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