How To Mirror an Image in Preview

It is the single most irritating thing to see an image getting inverted automatically on your phone or mac. The automated flip ruins the essence of the image, and you cannot post it on your Instagram anymore.

However, there is no need to waste a perfect image because there are simple built-in ways in mac and some third-party applications for phones through which you can mirror an image in the preview. So if you want to flip back one or more of your images or just want to flip an image in preview for some other reason, you can follow this easy tutorial.

How To Mirror An Image In Preview On A Mac

You can easily mirror any image you want in preview on a mac. Here are some steps you will need to follow,

Step 1: Open The Image

Open the image you want to mirror in preview.

Step 2: Open Tools

Hover your mouse on the tools menu situated in the middle of your screen.

Step 3: Flip The Image

A list of options will appear below the tools options once you open it. There will also be flip horizontal and flip vertical options. Click on any of the two options depending on the direction you want the image to be flipped.

Step 4: Save The Flipped Image

Now that you have successfully flipped the image in your desired direction, it is now time to save it. To save an image on mac, just press the command and S key simultaneously on your keyboard.

This is how you can flip an image on a mac. But, in case you have images in bulk that need to be flipped or mirrored, you can use the following method.

How To Mirror Images In Finder On Mac

You can flip more than one image at a time on a Mac using finder. Here is how you can get your hands around finder to use it to mirror or flip images.

Step 1: Select All The Images

Select all the images you want to flip in finder and after selecting the images, open them in finder.

Step 2: Select All Images Now

Now press the command key and the A key on the keyboard to select all the images.

Step 3: Open Tools

After selecting all the images, go to the tools menu.

Step 4: Flip or Mirror All The Images

The same drop-down sort of menu will appear beneath tools. From there, select the direction you would like the images to flip by clicking on either the flip horizontal or the flip vertical option.

Step 5: Save All The Images

Save all the images through the file menu. All the images will now be saved in flipped or mirrored positions.

This is how you can mirror images in finder on a mac. The finder method can be useful in mirroring images in bulk.

Using the methods given above, you can easily mirror images by taking advantage of the built-in flip feature of mac, and you will not find the need to install any third-party application or software.

How To Mirror An Image In Preview On An iPhone

You must have noticed that when you take a selfie on an iPhone, the final processed photo turns out to be mirrored. You can mirror back the image to its original state by using the method given below.

I have broken down this method into steps so it can become easier to follow.

Step 1: Download PhotoFlipper

The first step is to download the PhotoFlipper app from the app store. It is available for free there.

Step 2: Choose Photos

Open the PhotoFlipper app and tap on the photos icon situated on the lower-left corner. Now choose the image that you want to flip.

Step 3: Flip The Image

After choosing the photo, just flip it right or left in the PhotoFlipper app. Whichever way you will flip it, the image will mirror in that direction.

Step 4: Save The Image

Now save the image by tapping the save option.

In this way, you can mirror all your images straight from your iPhone. You can also take photos directly from the PhotoFlipper app.

How To Mirror An Image In Preview On Android

On Android, you can also flip your images by using a built-in feature.

You can take advantage of that built-in feature by following these steps:

Step 1: Go To Gallery

Go to the gallery of your Android phone.

Step 2: Open The Image

Open the image you want to mirror in your gallery.

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Step 3: Open The Editor

Open the editor by tapping on the top side of your screen, usually, the built-in photo editor is triggered from there, but it can differ in many Android devices.

Step 4: Flip The Image

From the editor, you can tap on the flip horizontally or flip vertically option to flip the image in your desired direction.

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Step 5: Save The Image

After flipping the image, save it by tapping on the save option to add the mirrored image in your gallery.

You can download some third-party apps from the play store and mirror images using them if you do not have this photo editor on your Android device.


Images often get mirrored during the processing to make the wordings appear in a natural manner instead of having the mirror effect in them. This automated mirroring is useful when you are taking pictures of signboards, book covers, or any other thing with words.

As helpful as this feature is during these circumstances, it is equally as annoying when you are taking selfies, pictures of your dog, etc. The inverted images do not look orthodox in every situation.

However, you can always mirror back these mirrored images in preview on your iPhone, Android, Mac, and other devices. Methods of how you can mirror your image through built-in tools and third-party apps have been explained in steps in this article, so now, none of your pictures go in vain, and you can always post them on your Instagram without a second glance.

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