Mobile Crosstalk: Mobile phone play “face” “wool” to glean more happy

Nowadays, many preferential activities have many restrictions on the cell phones used by users, such as Alipay sweep code to receive red packets, a cell phone can only sweep once a day, etc. In fact, as long as the imei, imsi and other parameters of the mobile phone to modify the “face” for a new one can be solved. In fact, as long as the phone’s imei, imsi and other parameters are modified, so that the phone “face” for a new one can solve the above problems. In this way, the “wool” can be more happy. The following, I will give you an introduction to how to achieve.

First, from “” to download the cell phone parameter modification tool provided by the author, after downloading, you will find that the zip package contains “XposedInstaller.apk” and “realTool.apk” two cell phone APP; download them to the phone and complete the installation operation in turn.


After installation, first run “Xposed”, then touch “Framework→Install Updates”, and follow the instructions to complete the activation of Xposed. Then touch “Modules → Message Modifier” to enable the “Message Modifier” module, then run “realTool” and touch the “RealTool will randomly generate a new set of phone parameters including imei, imsi, etc., and finally restart your phone.



After the phone reboot, uninstall the original Alipay, download it again and log in with another Alipay account, then you can continue to sweep the code to receive red envelopes.

Tip: realTool modifies all the parameters of your phone, it only works for ROOTed Android phones.

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