Software recommendation: mobile storage lost data recovery easy

Currently, there are more and more digital devices that use various types of memory cards to store data. It is inevitable that these storage devices will be used for various reasons, resulting in damage or loss of data. However, regardless of that type of card, it can be treated equally as a USB external storage device through a simple card reader or by connecting the device to a computer through a USB port. Then, simply use the appropriate file recovery software to scan the USB storage device to recover its data. mmCard Recovery is a small software that can easily recover lost files from all kinds of memory cards, and it supports common FAT and NTFS format storage media.

After launching mmCard Recovery software, first select the disk you want to recover from the left drive bar and then click the big triangle button in the lower right corner to enter the next link (Figure 1).


Next, select the file types to be recovered in the left pane, there are two main categories: pictures and multimedia, and many common file formats to choose from under them. Then in the right pane, select Scan Mode, which is divided into Quick Scan and Full Scan, with the former scanning only deleted files and the latter scanning both deleted and lost files. After setting, continue to click the large triangle button to go to the next step (Figure 2).


The software then automatically scans the selected device for deleted or lost files, where the corrupted files are marked with the word Damaged in red and the recoverable files are shown in normal color. Select the files to be recovered and click the Save Files button to save them (Figure 3).


Tip: Even if the memory card has been formatted by mistake, you can use the above method to scan and recover the files.

If you need to specify the name of the recovered memory card file as a personalized file name, click the Gear Settings button at the bottom left corner of the software and then enter the file prefix (Figure 4).


Extended Reading: mmCard Recovery software also has built-in drive erase and formatting tools. Click the first wrench button in the toolbar to select to use both tools (Figure 5). After the software is registered, the full functionality will be available.


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