Modifying the transition effect in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

  1. Click on a slide to add a transition effect.
  2. Click on Transition | Transition to This SlideMore to accessfurther transition effects.
  3. The Effect Options icon is shown,where further criteria for the chosen transition can be set. Forinstance, if the Shape transition wereapplied, you could choose the shape type that the transition mustuse.
  4. To apply the same transition to all slides in the presentation,click on the Apply To All icon on theTiming group; otherwise, a transitionwill only apply to the currently selected slide.
  5. You can identify whether a transition has been applied to a slide bylooking to the far left of the SlidePane. If there is a star symbol under the slide number, atransition exists on the slide.
To remove a transition effect, select the slide that has the effectapplied. Click on the None icon from the Transition to This Slide group on theribbon.

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