Mouse point on the overclock Intel overclocking software fragrance?

When the ninth generation Core was launched, there were only three unlocked processors available for a long time, so many partners had to choose these processors when they were installed or upgraded. But will not go to actively play overclocking partners will not feel a little loss to buy it? Do not worry, Intel yesterday officially launched the automatic overclocking software Performance Maximizer, to help these processors to play potential.


Now this software does not have a Chinese version, so the Intel Chinese website is still in the “Coming Soon” state, want to experience early partners can download from the English official website, the address is products/docs/processors/core/performance-maximizer.html. Note that it only supports 5 kinds of processors and 64-bit Windows 10, and there are different versions for different models.



The size of this software reaches an exaggerated 1.5GB, and it is quite hard to download. After downloading it, let’s open it and try it out. As soon as you start this software, it will first ask for 16GB of independent disk space, and after confirming it, it will automatically divide the space accordingly. This space is used to install some functions of Performance Maximizer, which can be overclocked before each boot into the system.


In addition, this software has some additional requirements, such as the use of UEFI boot mode, the BIOS should be turned on to allow overclocking, Core 2.0 and other options, in general, all overclockable Z370/Z390 motherboards will have these features, do not worry at all. You can wait for the Chinese version to be released and download the relevant documentation to study, so I won’t go into details here.


Performance Maximizer will then return to an interface similar to command line mode to automatically test the system, combining the processor’s capabilities, voltage, temperature, etc. to determine the most appropriate overclock margin. This process is quite time consuming and can take anywhere from ten minutes to several hours depending on the configuration of your computer, so be sure to try it when you are more free.


At the end Performance Maximizer will give us a report informing us what frequency it has overclocked the processor to. From the actual results, this software is still on the conservative side, generally smaller than our own overclocking, for example, it can overclock the 9900K at 5.0GHz and 5.1GHz, and the most common automatic overclock is 4.9GHz.


Although the overclock is not as strong as the master, but for spending more money to buy nine generations of non-clocked Core partners, after all, it is a free lunch, do not eat for nothing. If you are equipped with a better cooler, and the C drive does not lack space, you may want to try it.


As for future partners who are ready to use the ninth generation of overclocking Core and are too lazy to overclock themselves, they can also consider the upcoming one-button overclocking chassis and motherboards. Want to performance or quiet, press a button to switch the state, more convenient than Performance Maximizer.


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