4 Methods to Move Epic Games to Another Drive

Are you running out of space on the drive where Epic games locate? And don’t want to waste so much time to re-download the game in another drive? If so, follow me to move Epic games from one drive to another drive without re-downloading the game.

As we know, there is no doubt that it takes hours, even days to download the Epic games a few of which have dozens of GBs size. Furthermore, you have to spend extra time to re-install the game. That’s so complicated. 

In this article, I will show 5 different methods to move Epic games to another drive with just simple steps. You can complete game migration task without downloading a huge game file.

Move Epic Games to Another Drive through Re-installing the Game

Although reinstalling games is the safe way to move Epic games to another drive, you have to re-download dozens of GBs games and re-install them. If you don’t bother to do that, just follow the below simple steps.

Step 1. Run the Epic Games Launcher and switch to Library tab at the left sidebar. Select any game and click Settings gear. Choose Uninstall option on the list.

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Step 2. After uninstalling the game, click the Install button to install the game again. In the pop-up panel, click Browse to choose another drive for installing games.

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Step 3. When the installing is done, your games will be moved to another drive successfully.

Move Epic Games to Another Drive via Epic Game Launcher without Re-installing

As we know, a few Epic games’ sizes go up to dozens of GBs. It will waste a long time to re-download them, even with a good network connection. However, there will show you how to copy and paste the game folder to another drive and enable Epic game launcher to re-locate the moved game.

Here takes Epic game Fortnite as an instance. And I will switch from “C:\Epic Games\Fortnite” to “E:\Epic Games\Fortnite”. You can also move to another place.

Step 1. Copy the Fortnite folder under C:\Epic Games and then paste it to the folder of another drive “E:\Epic Games”.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM3

Step 2. Rename the Fortnite folder in the new drive to “Fortnite-temp”.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM4

Step 3. You need to uninstall the Epic game in the original location. Run the Epic Games Launcher and choose Library option on the left bar. Click the Settings gear on the Fortnite thumbnail and click Uninstall button in the pop-up pane.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM5

Click Uninstall button to confirm the operation.

Step 4. Install Fortnite again (here you don’t need to finish the whole downloading). Switch to Library tab in the Epic Game Launcher and Click the INSTALL button on the Epic game.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM6

The application will ask you to choose install location. Click Browse button to choose another drive. In my case, that is E:\Epic Games. Then Click Install button to go on.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM7

Step 5. When the installing process goes on 1% or more, cancel the process by click the “X” button. And then close the launcher

050320 1032 4MethodstoM8

Step 6. Go forward to the new drive E:\Epic Games and delete the Fortnite folder. Then rename the above “Fortnite-temp” to “Fortnite”.

Step 7. Start Epic game launcher once again and click the “Resume” option. The game launcher will scan the folder and verify the existing game. The process will be short.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM9

Once it’s done, you can click LAUNCH to play the Epic games moved to another drive.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM10

Move Epic Games to Another Drive by Modifying Manifest Files

The above way can help you move the Epic games to another drive without reinstalling the game. Furthermore, when I tried to move my games, I knew another similar solution to complete this task and it can avoid messy approaches like pause and resume installing.

After some researches, I know the Epic Games Launcher stores all-important game information like installation location in manifest files. The typical paths are:

C:\ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher\Data\Manifests and C:\ProgramData\Epic\UnrealEngineLauncher.

We can modify the values in the two files to enable the game Launcher to run the game moved to another drive.

Step 1. Move the game folder from the original location to another drive. In my case, I need to switch from “C:\Epic Games\Fortnite” to “E:\Epic Games\Fortnite”.

Step 2. Go forward path “C:\ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher\Data\Manifests”. There are a few .item files. Find the one for the game you’re going to move and open the file with built-in text editor or other editors.

image 1

And modify the ManifestLocation, InstallLocation, and StagingLocation values to point to the folder in the new drive. Finally, save the file.


Step 3. Edit C:\ProgramData\Epic\UnrealEngineLauncher\LauncherInstalled.dat with any editor. And also change the InstallLocation value to point to the game folder in another drive. Finally, save the file.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM12

Step 4. If everything goes well, you can play the game normally when starting the game launcher again.

Note that when there shows “Repair” message, check the modification in the two files and make sure all them are correct. Then restart the launcher.

Move Epic Games to Another Drive using Symbolic Link

In addition to the above methods, there is a general way you can try. You can create a symbolic link from the original folder to the new location. Just like a shortcut and the steps are simple.

Step 1. Exit the Epic Games Launcher and games are running.

Step 2. Cut the game folder such as C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite to another drive. As for as my concern, I cut folder Fortnite under C:\Program Files\Epic Games to E:\Epic Games.

Step 3. Go to Start menu and search for command prompt tool and run as administrator.

050320 1032 4MethodstoM13

Then type the below command line:

mklink /D “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite” “E:\Epic Games\Fortnite”

050320 1032 4MethodstoM14

And press Enter to run the command line. It will create a symbolic link to the new location. Once successful, it will show message:

symbolic link created for C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite <<===>> E:\Epic Games\Fortnite

Step 4. Run the Epic Games Launcher to play the game and nothing should have changed.

Move Epic Games to Another Drive with Steam Mover

Using command-line tools can be difficult for many ordinary users. So here I recommend a free UI program that also uses the symbolic link – Steam Mover. It is an easy to use tool for moving various application or game folders to another hard drive. It moves a folder from one hard drive to another while creating a symbolic link in the original location. Applications and games can still access files from the original path through the symbolic link, however, the files actually have been moved to another hard drive.

The steps are very simple. You can go here to download the program. Then run Steam Mover, select the original path and the target path, and finally click move. You can get a detailed introduction on the official website. If you are interested, you can also visit another article “How to move GOG games to another drive or computer“, which also uses Steam Mover and explains the detailed steps.

Apart from the above solutions, if you want to move more games to another drive or computer, you can also try EaseUS Todo PCTrans. It can also help move multiple games in one time.

Best Application and Game Mover – EaseUS Todo PCTrans

easeus todo pctrans

With the help of this application, users can easily manage to transfer files, software, games, and much more from one drive to another or from PC to another. You can always follow the below 3 steps to complete the migration task.

1. Select transfer mode “PC to PC” or “App Migration”.
2. Choose applications, games, or files to transfer.
3. Choose the destination location and confirm to start.

In this article, I show you 4 solutions on moving Epic games to another drive. You can try any one of them according to your situation. With high-speed internet, you can directly re-install the games to another drive. However, for most of us, it’s not a wise choice. Fortunately, you can copy and paste the game folder to another drive, plus a few more sets to reach this aim. I will recommend method 2 to do so.

Move Epic Games to Another Drive – FAQ

How do I change the location of my epic games?

If you are the first time installing a Epic game, there will show a pane for you to change the installing location. However, if you want to change an installed game, re-install the game. Or follow method 2, 3, and 4.

How do I move my Epic Games to another computer?

You can copy and paste the Epic Games folder to another computer in which Epic Games Launcher has been installed. And let the launcher to scan and verify the game folder by following method 2.

How do I move from Fortnite to C to D?

There are 4 different ways to move Fortnite game from C drive to D drive. The first way is to re-install the game. However, you can also copy and paste Fortnite game folder to D drive and implement a few more steps to reach this aim by following methods 2, 3 and 4.

Where does Epic install games?

By default, Epic games are installed in C:\Program Files\Epic Games. However, if you customize the location when installing, the path will be various.

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  1. Some advice to whomever decides to follow any of the above steps. Start from the smallest game in your library. I made the mistake of starting with GTAV, which is about 95GB, and now I have to re-download it because none of the solutions above (or anywhere else online) worked for me, except maybe for the last one (symbolic link) which I haven’t tried yet and I should probably have done in the first place.

    • Hi Editorial Team,
      Please read AJML’s response below and update your article regarding copying the existing installation folder to the new one instead of deleting the new folder. Not sure how you managed to get it working without doing so, but since this article was written almost a year ago, things may have changed and an update is in order.

  2. It doesn’t work when you rename the folder. There is an identifier inside the newly made installation folder that is tagged by the launcher. So that if you delete and replace with the existing installation, the launcher does not see it. Best is to copy the contents of your existing installation into the new installation folder – replacing all files inside.

    • Thank you! That worked like a charm when moving over Rainbow Six Siege. It took about 10 minutes to verify the installation, and then for whatever reason it downloaded about 1GB of data, but after that it worked fine.


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