3 Ways to Move Photoshop to Another Drive

Are you facing C: drive is full? Or many programs are getting slow like Photoshop. If so, it’s time to move these large programs to another drive. However, as for some applications such as Adobe Photoshop, it’s not easy to do that since you can just copy and paste the whole folder to another drive. I know many guys fail to launch Photoshop after simply moving the application folder.

But how can we move Photoshop to another drive safely and easily? Actually, in this article, I will show you 3 solutions to move Photoshop to another drive. Just follow the below steps.

Move Photoshop to Another Drive through Adobe Creative Cloud App

With more and more programs are installed in C: partition, the increasing applications, and files will dry up most space storage space and cause slow computer running. However, Photoshop is just installed in C: drive and occupies large storage. So moving it to another drive will be a wise option.

Now, I am going to show you how to move Photoshop installation to another drive through Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Moreover, the way works for Photoshop Illustrator and any other Creative Cloud apps.

Step 1. Open up your Creative Cloud application

You can double click Adobe Creative Cloud shortcut in your Desktop or type “creative cloud” in Quick Search bar to find the application.

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Step 2. Change the Installation Location

When your Creative Cloud application opens up, click on the three dots button on the top right, and then we select the Preferences option.

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Once you go into the Preferences window, switch to the Creative Cloud tab and click change… to choose another drive as the new location of Photoshop.

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Step 3. Uninstall Photoshop and install it to a new drive

After we choose another drive in the Preferences window, we have to uninstall Photoshop first.

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Then click the install button, after a moment, it will be installed in our new location rather than the previously set one.

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That’s the only downside to this method. You can’t just move and transfer. It does sadly require a fresh new install, but it works really well and it’s that easy to move the path for your Creative Cloud applications anyway.

Move Photoshop to Another Drive using symbolic link

No doubt reinstalling Photoshop can complete the migration easily. However, you have to waste much time to do that. Luckily, you can simply copy the whole Photoshop folder to another drive and create a symbolic link (similar as shortcut) to point to the original location.

There is a built-in command tool mklink that can help you. Then follow the below steps:

Step 1. Close Photoshop program first and then cut the installation folder of Photoshop to the new drive, in my case is E: drive. By default, the original path is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. That is, you need to cut the folder “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018” to the E: drive.

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Step 3. Open a command prompt with elevated privileges.

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Type the command:

mklink /D “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018” “E:\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018”

Note: “/D” indicates that we are linking a folder.

050220 1003 3WaystoMove8

Once the symbolic link is created successfully, there will show a message “symbolic link created for C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 <<===>> E:\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018”

Step 4. Launch Photoshop to check if the program can work well.

In this article, I introduce 3 different ways to move Photoshop to another drive. You can just copy and paste the Photoshop files to another drive. But you can also complete transfer task easily. Adobe Creative Cloud application can help change location of Photoshop through reinstalling it. The built-in mklink tool help you move Photoshop without reinstalling the program. 

How to Move Photoshop to Another Drive – FAQ

Can I move Photoshop to external hard drive?

Yes, you can move Photoshop to external hard drive. However, you have to resort to Adobe Creative Cloud application to change the installation location to external hard drive. Or try to create a symbolic link.

How do I change where Photoshop is installed?

Adobe Creative Cloud application offers option for changing location where Photoshop is installed.

Can I install Adobe on D drive?

Yes. Though Adobe programs are installed in C drive by default. You can also install Adobe on D drive through changing the installation location in Preference.


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