How to Move Programs from One Drive to Another

It’s simple to move small files from one drive to another, such as images, videos, music, and much more. But moving programs is difficult, and for that, you have to try various methods such as settings, transferring methods, and much more.

Meanwhile, if you try to move the programs directly, then they won’t run because of the missing and corrupt files. So how to transfer programs from one drive to another? You can either try to uninstall the programs and reinstall it again in a new location or can create a directory junction.

Even if you are not satisfied with the above suggestions, then don’t worry because we have some other simple steps that can help you to transfer a program from one drive to another. With the help of these steps you can move larger files and applications in no time, isn’t it amazing?

Let’s discuss how to move a program from one drive to another.

Part 1. Move programs from one drive to another through Settings in Windows 10

Sometimes you have to move the whole program to free some space, and for that Settings method can be the ideal choice. Using this method, you can quickly move a program from one drive to another with just one click.

Besides, all the programs you install go into your C drive, and for that setting, the method can work best. Here is the process that you can follow to move programs from one drive to another.

Step 1: First, open Window menu and click on the Settings and go to the Apps.

image 1

Step 2: Now click on the Apps & Features option, and here you can see varieties of apps that are being installed. You can choose the app which you want to move to another drive.

image 2

Step 3: Click the Move option, and it will show you the location where you want to move.

010420 0405 HowtoMovePr11

Step 4: Select the location and press the Move button to transfer the program to the selected drive in Step 3.

010420 0405 HowtoMovePr12

Part 3. Move programs from one drive to another via Steam Mover

Steam Mover is a software that helps to move programs from one drive to another. Basically, this tool has been used to move the Steam games, but in case if you want to move different programs, then you can do it easily. This tool is simple-to-use and doesn’t require much expertise.

Whether you want to move individual programs or in bulk, this software is best for you. Before you move programs, you have to set some paths so that you can easily transfer the programs from one drive to another.

Here are the steps that you can follow to move programs with the help of Steam Mover:

Step 1: First, go to the official website of Steam Mover and download the software. Now launch the software as an Administrator.

010420 0405 HowtoMovePr16

Step 2: After that, select the location of your program that is already installed. You will see different programs on your Steam Mover dashboard.

Step 3: Choose the program that you want to move and enter the location in the Alternative Folder. You can see it in the image below.

010420 0405 HowtoMovePr17 e1579841130725

Step 5: You will see the option of the command prompt that will run the commands to show that your program files are being moved.

010420 0405 HowtoMovePr18 e1579841165863

After the command prompt is off, you can see the programs has been moved. Make sure your drive should be in NTFS format, not FAT32 format.

The above solutions might not be effective in all situations. So, you can try an edge tool – EaseUS Todo PCTrans, which can help you move one or multiple games to another drive or computer in one time.

Best Application and Game Mover – EaseUS Todo PCTrans

easeus todo pctrans

With the help of this application, users can easily manage to transfer files, software, games, and much more from one drive to another or from PC to another. You can always follow the below 3 steps to complete the migration task.

1. Select transfer mode “PC to PC” or “App Migration”.
2. Choose applications, games, or files to transfer.
3. Choose the destination location and confirm to start.

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