Move Thunderbird Profile & Emails & Address book to New Computer

Thunderbird is the best software that helps the users to manage their email. With the help of this tool, users can send, receive, and manage all activities regarding email. This software is not just easy to use but can manage thousands of emails in no time. It has become globally famous because it’s free of cost and is open source.

Nowadays, users have to face many issues when it comes to moving Thunderbird to the new computer. In order to move Thunderbird to the new computer, either they have to buy paid tools, or they have to face various issues regarding memory, missing files, or inappropriate data. Hence, there is always a chance of data loss and formatting.

Then, how do I transfer my Thunderbird address book to a new computer? Don’t worry because we’ve got your back. Here is the simple method that you can use to move the Thunderbird profile manually.

Part 1. Move Thunderbird profile & emails & address book to the new computer manually

If you are struggling to move your Thunderbird data to a new computer, then don’t worry because we have the complete solution for you. Our instructions will help you to move thunderbird data in no time. For these steps, you don’t need to pay for any online tool.

The data that you can transfer includes:

● Emails

● Calendar

● Address book

● Settings

● Appointments

● Saved Password

Below are the simple steps that you can follow to move Thunderbird to the new computer manually.

Step 1: Copying the data from your old computer

1. The first step is to open the Thunderbird app and click on the menu.

010120 1407 MoveThunder1

2. In case if you have big files, then make sure to empty the data from your trash and junk folders.

3. Now select Help option and click on the Troubleshooting Information.

4. Go to the Profile Folder and click the Open Folder option to get access to your complete files.

010120 1407 MoveThunder2

5. Once the first four steps are done, you can close your Thunderbird account.

6. Now locate the Roaming folder and find the Thunderbird folder and right-click on it and copy the whole folder.

010120 1407 MoveThunder3

Step 2: Transfer your data to OneDrive

For this step, we are using OneDrive, but if you feel that you want to use any other cloud storage, then feel free to do so. OneDrive is the best software and allows you to transfer files easily.

1. Choose your Thunderbird folder and paste it into the OneDrive.

010120 1407 MoveThunder4

2. You can copy the files by right-clicking.

3. The amount of time required depends on the size of your files.

010120 1407 MoveThunder5

Step 3: install Thunderbird in a new computer

1. Install the application to the new computer to move Thunderbird profile, email, & address book.

010120 1407 MoveThunder6

2. Don’t create a new account; instead, click on the App menu.

010120 1407 MoveThunder7

3. Now choose the Troubleshooting Information option from the menu.

010120 1407 MoveThunder8

4. From the dashboard, choose the Open Folder option.

010120 1407 MoveThunder9

5. Now close the app and search for the Roaming folder.

6. Select the Thunderbird folder and paste it anywhere in the Roaming folder. This step will paste your selected files.

010120 1407 MoveThunder10

7. You will be asked to replace the files, either you can skip it or can decide or individual files. We would suggest you choose to Replace the files in the destination option.

8. To confirm the steps, make sure to open the app again and check you have gotten all the files, profiles, and emails.

In this way, you can easily get your old emails, settings, and profile on your new computer. Make sure you have followed the steps properly to get all the files in no time.

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