System hacks: Multi-adaptation Video program easy to broadcast

When it comes to video playback software, we have never been able to compliment Microsoft Windows’ own player in terms of media format support and user-friendliness. But the latest version of the Movies and TV app comes with Windows and it’s ready to impress us. The “Movies and TV” app comes with Windows 10, which can basically play common videos from three sources: local, mobile devices and media servers.

1. Local playback Add more locations

First of all, we can choose to add local video files by clicking the “Video Folder” button after opening the “Movies & TV” app interface (Figure 1). “The media file types supported by Movies & TV include more than 20 common media file formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, 3GP, MOV, TS, etc., which is basically enough.


In addition, we can also click the three-dot button in the upper right corner, select “Settings” to enter the software settings window, then click “Choose where we find videos”, and then click the “+” button to add more video files (Figure 2).


2. Play media files from mobile devices

The capacity of the disk installed in the computer is limited after all, and the “size” of the existing HD video is very large, so it is common to use external removable media to store movies and TV programs. If you want to play a movie or TV program stored on an external device, after inserting the mobile device, Movies & TV will automatically scan and display the media files on the mobile device, showing its list, from which we can select to play (Figure 3).


3. Automatic connection to wireless media servers

“One of the more attractive potential applications of Movies & TV is wireless playback. If you have other wireless or Bluetooth devices connected to your computer, click on the “Media Server” button and the software will automatically sense the presence of these devices around you and select them from the list to play. If no device appears here, click on the “Open Settings” button to jump to the system settings window to add the device (Figure 4).


Tip: Quick Replay with Timeline

In the “Movies and TV” settings window, “What’s New” prompts us to view the history of played videos in the timeline of the new Windows version (Figure 5). With this feature, we can quickly revisit the played media files.


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