Multi-language – a taste of online AI-assisted translation

When we browse the Internet or look for foreign language information, we often need to use online translation, but most of them are machine translation before, which is fast but the translation effect is not complimentary. Tencent AI Lab has released an AI-assisted translation product – Tencent Aided Translation (Transmart), which can meet users’ needs for quick translation and complete translation quickly and accurately.

Tencent Aided Translation ( is very simple to use. After opening the above URL, directly paste the content to be translated into the text box, and then select the language to be translated, so that you can see the translated content in the right window (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Online translation

However, this is just a regular machine translation, as you can see here “Santa Clauses” is translated as “Santa Claus clause” (the exact translation should be “Santa Claus “). Tencent Assist Translation is different from regular machine translation in that it can be combined with human translation, for example, the above words can be selected, and then the correct translation result can appear by underlining the translation. Click “Insert machine translation” in the “Modify translation” box below, insert the machine translation content of the original statement containing “Santa Clauses”, locate the word The correct replacement can be made by clicking on “Insert Edit Box”, so that a more accurate translation can be achieved through human intervention (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Translation results of human intervention

Because machine translation is mechanical, many phrases cannot be translated properly in actual use, such as the proverb “It is a silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait. But when we use machine translation directly, the machine will translate it as “It is a silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait”, which is obviously not the result we want (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Machine translation result

With the help of AI big data learning, Tencent assisted translation will match the best proverb data in the reference interpretation for similar common English proverbs, and we just need to click “insert edit box” to insert the correct translation into the text box under the revised translation to achieve the correct translation by replacement (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Proverb Translation

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