Software recommendation: multi-pronged approach to close stubborn software

Many software programs often take various methods to stay in the system in order to occupy a place in the system, thus causing the system resources to be occupied for a long time. Although users choose many methods to close the operation, but still can not solve this tricky problem. For this kind of rogue nature of the software, we have to take alternative means to deal with it.

Drag and drop the mouse to close the software window

If you want to force the software program to close the most common method, is to end its corresponding process in the task manager. But the traditional method is rather annoying lock, so we first download the “Process Closer” tool zip. After unpacking it, we run the portable version of it directly, and after successfully running it, we can see its icon in the system tray. When we want to close a software window in the future, we first click the left mouse button on the icon, and then we can see a dialog box in the lower right corner of the system desktop, of course, you can also quickly call up this dialog box through the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+C (Figure 1).


Click the right mouse button on the pop-up dialog box, and then you will see the mouse pointer change from an arrow to a cross cursor graphic. Next, move it to the top of the software window you want to close, so that it will successfully capture the software process corresponding to the current window. Then a close dialog window will pop up, and if you want to close it, just click the agree button (Figure 2). This method works not only for traditional EXE software programs, but also for applications in the latest Windows 10 systems.



If you can’t close it by this method, first right click on the tool icon and select the “Settings” command in the pop-up menu. Next, check the “Process kill and child processes” option in the pop-up dialog box, so that you can close the corresponding child processes at the same time as the main process (Figure 3).


Closing a software process at regular intervals

Usually, we can close the windows of some software programs by the above method, but some software programs will re-run in the background of the system when there is a sudden change. In this case we can only monitor the list of processes on the system at all times and remove them as soon as we find them. So let’s download and run “ProcessKO”, a small tool ( that can clean up specified software programs immediately or on a regular basis.

Now click on the “Close regularly” button in the toolbar and select the process you want to close regularly in the pop-up menu, by doing so we can add multiple processes that need to be closed. Next, check the “I’m an expert and I know what I’m doing” option in the lower left corner of the window, and then click the “Timed” button in the pop-up menu to select a recurring operation time (Figure 4). This will allow the tool to monitor the system in the background, and once the set time arrives it will detect the list of processes and remove them as soon as it finds one to be deleted.



ProcessKO cannot switch to the Chinese interface in the latest Windows 10 beta version.

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