Software recommendation: multiple folder generation is no longer difficult

It is often troublesome to create batch folders, and the common way is to use methods such as batch processing or Excel tables. In fact, with the help of two small tools, it is a very simple thing to create more complex multiple folders.

1. Generate folders from existing files

If you want to create separate folders with the same name for a group of existing files and want to group the files into folders with the same name, you can do it with the help of Files 2 Folder software. The software is installed as an extension, presented as a right-click menu command, and does not generate software shortcuts. A confirmation dialog box will pop up during installation. After confirming the dialog box, the user will see the “Files 2 Folder” command item in the shortcut menu when right-clicking on a file or folder (Figure 1). After that, you can generate folders with the File right-click menu command.


Suppose you have three documents “Job Summary.docx”, “Technical Summary.docx” and “Experience Summary.docx”. Now you want to create a “Job Summary” folder and move the “Job Summary.docx” file to that folder. At this point, just right-click on “Job Summary.docx” and select “Files 2 Folder” from the pop-up menu to automatically complete the creation of “Job Summary “and move” work summary.docx “of the two-step operation. If you want to complete the above three Word documents to create folders and file transfer operations, just select the three files and right-click, select “Files 2 Folder” command (Figure 2); from the pop-up dialog box, select the middle of an option to (Figure 3). This option means that the files will be automatically moved to the folder named after the main file name.



Tip: Select the first option to move all files to a folder with a user-specified name. Selecting the third option automatically moves the files to a folder with the name of the file’s extension (i.e., groups files by category).

2. Generate folders according to the file list

If you do not currently have a ready-made file, but have a list of files, then you can also generate series folders from this list. This is done using Text 2 Folders software.


First specify the location of the folder generation via the Browse button, if you manually enter the contents of the folder list, click the Manual option, enter the list of folder names and click the button in the lower right corner to create it; if the file list is in a TXT text, click the Text file option and specify the TXT file, then click the Create button to create it (Figure 4).

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