Software recommendation: music playback to green but also personality

Nowadays, there are a lot of options for music players. However, many music players come with annoying ads. In addition, it is not always possible to adjust the tempo of playback or to achieve effects such as sound change. There are two small applications that can be used to create an ad-free playing environment and to adjust the tempo of music or change the sound.

1. All-in-one search Concentrate on playing without ads

First, we use Tuniac software to build a green music playback environment. This software can play dozens of common music formats including MP3, APE, FLAC, etc. Note that when you install Tuniac, you need to download and install DirectX XAudio and VC++ 2017 runtime library (Figure 1).


Launch Tuniac and you can create a playlist by right-clicking on the Source pane on the left. Click on the Files menu and select the Import Files command to choose to load music files. If you want to load an entire directory of music into the list, select the Import Directory menu command to import in bulk. Select a song in the list and click the Play button with the black triangle under the menu to play it (Figure 2).


If there are too many music files in the list, it is difficult to find a song. You can search by entering keywords in the search box in the upper right corner of the list, and search by name keywords by default. Click “?” on the right side of the search box button to search by items other than file name, such as artist, album, yearly fee, genre, extension, etc.

Tip: The “Options→Column Selection” menu command can enable the customization of the list item display.

2. Special effects Speed and sound change can be controlled by me

If you want to change the speed of music playback or get a sound change effect, you can use Impulse Media Player software to do so. First, click on the last button of the Playback Control toolbar to load the music file you want to play. Next, adjust the slider at the top left of the Playback Control toolbar to change the timbre and control the sound change effect to tune the singer’s voice to a different effect such as male or female voice; the slider at the top right of the Playback Control toolbar allows you to control the speed of playback (Figure 3). To control the volume of the left and right channels, slide the slider at the bottom left; to control the overall volume, slide the slider at the bottom right.


Tip: Using both variable speed and sound change effects together will produce a variety of more interesting sound effects.


Click the second button on the toolbar at the bottom of the player to call out the playlist; click the third button to call out the equalizer, which can be used as a simple mixer (Figure 4). To go back to the main interface, just click the first button.

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