What Is and How to Use Nearby Sharing in Windows 10

Sending files to colleagues or friends, or transferring files between different computers are very common needs. We can do it with different tools such as communication software, OneDrive, Send Anywhere.

However, almost all of these tools require the support of a network or a local area network, which is troublesome in the case of no U disk, no network, and unable to install software. In fact, in addition to this kind of third-party transfer software, Microsoft also provides a better, more worry-free, installation-free option for everyone-that is, the “Nearby Sharing” feature that comes with the official Windows 10 … …

You only need to upgrade Windows 10 to version 1803 or above, and the system will have a “nearby sharing” function built in. You can easily implement file transfer between two or more Windows 10 computers without the help of third-party software or complicated setting operations. It’s very convenient and efficient for office or daily use, similar to Apple Mac’s Airdrop function.

“Nearby Sharing” will be shared with nearby computers via Bluetooth, WLAN, or direct Wi-Fi. It supports file transfer, web page sharing, photo transfer, and more. By default, Wi-Fi is preferred to transfer files, and the speed is not bad. And when there is no Wi-Fi connection, you can also use Bluetooth for transmission (the transmission speed will be slower).

Therefore, “nearby sharing” can be used in almost any scenario. As long as your laptop has Bluetooth, you can transfer files without any problems even if you have no network or U disk in the office.

How to set up Win10 Nearby Sharing

If you want to use the “Nearby Sharing” function, you need to install Win10 (version 1803 and above) on both computers, and you need to ensure that Bluetooth is available, and then enter the settings to turn on ” Nearby Sharing “. Proceed as follows:

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1. Open “Settings” → “System“;

2. Find “Shared experiences” on the left;

3. Turn on “Share across devices” function;

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In addition, the option “I can share or receive content from” can choose to allow anyone or only my device to transfer files, and the option “Save files I receive to” changes the default save path when receiving files, I usually change to the desktop, it is more convenient and intuitive to find the files.

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Finally, in the “Action Center” in the lower right corner of the computer, make sure that the “Nearby sharing” option is turned on (turned blue), as shown above. You can only receive or send files when this status is on.

How to share pictures or documents to another Win10 PC

On the computer where you want to share photo/document/file, select the file, right-click, and select “Share” from the menu, or click the large share button on the toolbar. (Unfortunately, folder transfer is not currently supported)

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At this time, the system will automatically search for nearby devices that can receive the share, click to select the target device to send and start sending the file.

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At this time, the notification of receiving the file will pop up in the lower right corner of the other party’s screen, and the other party can choose “Save and Open” or “Save“. And if you accidentally close the window, you can find it in the notification.

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How to share web link

The operation of sending a web link and sharing a file through the nearest sharing function is almost the same, and the steps are simple:

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1. On the computer where you want to initiate sharing, use the “Microsoft Edge” browser to share the link with other devices;

2. In the Edge browser, click the share button, and then just like sending a file, select the name of the receiving device.

3. A notification will pop up on the receiving device. When you select “Open”, the link will open in your browser.

At present, this feature seems to be only available on the original Edge version, and has not been implemented on the new version of the Chromium kernel, but it is expected to be added in the future. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox don’t work either.

Wrap up

In fact, Windows 10 ‘s near-by-share feature has been around for a long time. Its target is macOS air delivery. No third-party tools need to be installed. The built-in system and no network connection can greatly facilitate work and daily file and photo transfer requirements. Unfortunately, this feature is currently limited to PCs and does not yet support transfers to or from iPhones or Android phones.

Surprisingly, even though Microsoft has provided such a convenient feature, many people still don’t know or have never tried it, which is a bit wasteful. Of course, the prerequisite for this function is that your device is a Win10 system.

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