New computer is not reliable these software to help you see

It’s the peak season for computer sales again, and many partners are subjected to their desired computer bar. To say what the most fear of the installation, of course, is the fear of being installed into fake accessories, second-hand accessories. Now the cleaning process of used hardware and counterfeit accessories polishing, BIOS information is becoming more and more refined, the naked eye and general software has been difficult to distinguish? Is there a convenient and useful identification method? I will talk about this today.


It is not difficult to see through the “skin” of these accessories, as long as you find the right software. For example, if you want to look at hard drives and SSDs, then CrystalDiskInfo is very useful, it can directly look at the number of times various SSDs and mechanical hard drives are powered on, the length of time they are powered on, and it is obvious if they are used. In addition it can also look to see the write capacity of the SSD to get an approximate idea of the SSD’s lifespan.



The most important thing to note about memory is whether the memory particles are reliable, so use Thaiphoon Burner to take a look. After opening the software, select “EFPROM-Read SPD on SMBus xxxxx (change according to the slot where the memory is located)” and you will be able to watch the memory stick details.


The first and second items below DRAM COMPONENT are the brand and model of the memory particles. The common Samsung (Samsung), magnesium (Micron), Hynix (SK Hynix), and the rare South Asia (NANYA) are all reliable brands, while if the brand of the particles you have not heard of, or simply can not recognize the brand, then you should be a little suspicious of the memory.


The latest version of GPU-Z can already read the underlying information of the graphics card GPU, and will display a warning message if it does not match the graphics card BIOS information. If you open GPU-Z and see a warning sign, prepare to return it and file a complaint right away.



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