New i3 listed entry-level gaming platform also rose nine generations

For so long, the i3-8100 has been Intel’s first choice for entry-level gaming platforms with good gaming capabilities, but now the price has gone up and out of stock, so that partners who want to save can’t do anything about it. In fact, do not worry, its replacement i3-9100F has quietly listed, and the price is very good, entry-level gaming platform can finally use the ninth generation Core.


Like many new i3-9100Fs, the top cover of the i3-9100F looks more like an eighth-generation Core than a square like the first i3-9100Fs, and from the experience of previous i3-9100Fs, the top cover should also be filled with silicon grease instead of brazing. In terms of specifications, the biggest difference between the i3-9100F and the i3-8100 is the elimination of the core display and support for RWD, and the RWD range is not small.



The elimination of nuclear display this point, the entry-level gaming platform ready to configure a single display almost no impact, then the RWD, can it make it stronger than the i3-8100 pinch? Let’s take a brief comparison.


As you can see from the test, the i3-9100F is still a bit stronger than the i3-8100, especially the RWD frequency gives it a significant single-core performance boost. But apparently the 4.2GHz RWD is obviously not a full core frequency boost, so the multi-core performance improvement is smaller.

Well, this 5% performance can also be seen, this ground more cost us how much money? This should be a lot of partners concerned about the issue, right? The answer is …… not only not more money, and even cheaper! The current supply of online business flagship stores are mainly major motherboard manufacturers, so let’s use the package to see it.



How about, with the same H310 motherboard, the i3-9100F kit is $150 cheaper than the i3-8100. What if you don’t like the H310 features really enough and are ready to use a B360 motherboard? The set is also quite a lot and cheaper than the i3-8100+H310 set.


As for the overall match that is now more suitable for the i3-9100F, I give the following configuration. Choose the B360 motherboard can use Aoton, can significantly improve the storage performance; now the DDR4 2666 and DDR4 2400 price is the same or even lower, more worthy of choice. If you have more than $400 left over, you can also replace the graphics card with a GTX 1060.


As for the partners who like nuclear display, don’t worry, 9100F is here, will 9100 be far away? And it seems that i3-9100 should not be more expensive than i3-8100, after the entry game platform to fully upgrade to the ninth generation Core should be a proper.


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