Office hacks: New Year’s carousel and nine-gallery lottery

In various welcome parties and annual meetings, lucky draws are an essential part of the event. A good raffle tool should be fair, just and open, and its interface should be “high”, so as to mobilize employees’ enthusiasm. Today, I will introduce you to the production of two PPT version of the sweepstakes tool that can meet the above requirements.

Carousel lottery “turn” out of luck

On TV or in supermarkets, we often see some carousel sweepstakes tools, which are very convenient to complete the sweepstakes by simply turning the carousel. In fact, it is easy to create such a lottery tool by using PPT.

First of all, design the raffle interface. Start PowerPoint (this article takes the 2016 version as an example), create a new PPT document named “carousel.pptx” and save it. Then in the “Insert” tab, click the “Picture” button to insert a prepared background image (Figure 1).


Then follow the same steps, insert a carousel picture, a red arrow and resize them. Then insert a round picture button in the center of the carousel to “start the lottery”, and enter a descriptive text like “New Year’s Eve” and “Grand Prize Draw” on the left and right of the carousel. Finally, set the font, font size, color and other parameters according to your preference.

Tip: For the prizes in the carousel, you can use PS to open the carousel, and then import the relevant prize pictures, adjust the size and angle and save them as PNG format pictures can be. In addition, the size adjustment and angle operation of the prize pictures in the carousel can be done directly in PowerPoint.

Next, add the animation. First select the red arrow shown in Figure 1, and then in the “Animation” tab, click “Add Animation → More Emphasis on Effects → Tour Spiral”, to add a tour spiral animation effects, and then double-click the right “Animation Pane” on the right side of the newly appeared “Picture 13” animation option, open the “Gyro Spiral” dialog box and do the following.

In the “Effects” tab of the “Gyro Spiral” dialog box, click the drop-down arrow to the right of “After Animation”, and assign a color (e.g., “blue”) to the arrow after it stops spinning. “Blue”).

In the “Timing” tab of the “Gyro Spiral” dialog box (Figure 2), set the “Period” parameter to “0.04 seconds “, “Repeat” parameter is set to “until the end of the slide”. Then check the “Click on the following objects to start the effect” radio box and select “picture 6” (that is, the picture “start the lottery”). After completing the above actions, and finally click “OK” to make the above changes take effect.


After the above steps, press the F5 shortcut key, click the “Start Sweepstakes” button, the arrow will start rotating, click the “Start Sweepstakes” button, it will stop the sweepstakes, then you will see the results of the sweepstakes (Figure 3).


The nine grid lottery luck should be “long”

In addition to the carousel lottery, the nine-box lottery is also a very common form of lottery, and it is also very simple to create.

Again, we first design the interface of the nine-box grid. First, create a PPT document named “nine-box lottery.pptx” and insert a background of your choice, then insert a square image in PNG format as a button and enter the number “1” in the button image. Then right-click the button picture and the number “1”, select “Combine” to combine them together, then copy the button “1” and paste it eight times, and finally the numbers in the eight buttons Finally, modify the numbers in these eight buttons to 2 to 9 respectively and arrange them (Figure 4).


Next is also the process of adding animation. Select the button “1” shown in Figure 4, click “Add Animation→More Exit Effects→Collapse” to add a collapse animation effect for the button. Then insert the button “1” corresponding to the prize picture (such as a cell phone), adjust its size, making the button “1” slightly smaller than (Figure 5). Finally, select the picture, click “Add Animation → More into the effect → Expand” to add an unfolding animation effect for the prize picture.


Tip: In the interface shown in Figure 5, and the button “1” corresponding to the prize picture, after adding the “unfold” animation effects for it, you need to right-click it, select “Place at the bottom → move down a layer “, it will be moved to the button “1” below, otherwise the animation will be played when the prize picture appears directly, it will be worn out.

Next, modify the animation parameters. Double-click the “Combination 1” option (i.e. button “1”) in the “Animation Pane” panel on the right, open the “Shrink Timing” tab of the “Contraction” dialog box (Figure 6), and then modify the “Period” parameter to “Very fast (0.5 seconds)”, set the trigger set to “Combination 1”, and then click the “OK” button to make the changes take effect.


Double-click the “Picture 30” option in the “Animation Pane” panel (i.e. the prize picture corresponding to the button “1”), open the “Expand “dialog box, set the “Start” parameter to “After previous animation”.

Tip: For the “Timing” tab of the “Expand” dialog box, the “Period” and “Trigger” parameters related to the “Picture 30” unfolding animation effect are “, “Trigger” parameters, and the corresponding parameter values shown in Figure 6 are exactly the same.

In addition, there are other buttons and the corresponding prize animation settings. Following the previous operation, import the corresponding prize pictures for the eight buttons “2” to “9” respectively, adjust the size of the prize pictures and add “shrink” and “expand” for the buttons and prize pictures. ” and “expand” animation effects, and finally modify the animation parameters on it.

After the above steps are completed, the PPT version of the nine-box lottery tool is ready, press the F5 shortcut key to play it. When employees choose a number they like (such as the number “1”), the host clicks the corresponding button, and everyone can see the corresponding prize (Figure 7). Of course, if the total number of prizes is more than 9, you can copy the slide shown in Figure 5 and paste it, and then modify the prize pictures behind each button at will.


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