Software recommendation: no dictionary to get accurate Chinese knowledge

To learn Chinese, it is too much work to look up traditional paper dictionaries, and it is difficult to get accurate results if you just rely on internet search. If you can make full use of “Baidu Chinese” service, you can master Chinese knowledge including words, idioms, poems, etc. efficiently, quickly and accurately.

Tip: Visit “Baidu Chinese” service through the website or search “Baidu Chinese” directly in Baidu.

1. Various words to achieve precise search within the Chinese language circle

If you search for a Chinese word, you will get a lot of mixed answers in ordinary web search engines, and some answers are biased or even wrong. Baidu Chinese search results will avoid this situation. For example, if we type in a word, we will get professional explanations of the word, either from a professional Chinese dictionary or from a screened Baidu encyclopedia (Figure 1).


Through Baidu search’s big data, it can intelligently sense related content while entering keywords in Baidu’s Chinese search box, which can be said to be touchy-feely (Figure 2)


2. Human-computer interaction The most efficient idiom solitaire game

After entering an idiom, you will see the “Idiom Solitaire” item in the subsequent part of the content introduction. This idiom solitaire mode is much more efficient than other ways of idiom solitaire. You can simply click on the idioms in the list and the content will be self-explanatory. You do not need to launch a search engine for the idioms you do not understand, as is the case in other idiom solitaire environments (Figure 3). If you are not sure about the meaning of an idiom in the list, simply click on the idiom and you will be taken to its explanation page.


Click on the last idiom in the list of solitaire to continue the fun activity of solitaire backward.

3. More than 300 Endless poems are easy to master

If you need to learn poetry knowledge, you can cut through the poetry names to get rich appreciation and related contents. In the Appreciation section, you can access the famous “Ancient Poems” and “Famous Poems” to get a richer appreciation of poems (Figure 4).


In addition, an incomplete line of poetry can be cut and selected to obtain the desired content by searching automatic perception technology (Figure 5).


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