Software recommendation: no installation to open the geek resource management mode

Windows 10 File Explorer is the most frequently used tool. However, it still does not satisfy the file management needs of some people. Therefore, people often have to resort to some third-party tools to help them, but such software mostly requires installation. The following is a small but powerful resource management tool, Double Commander, which does not require installation and can meet all our needs for resource management.

1. Portable version can be run without installation

First, visit the Double Commander website (, click the English option in the upper right corner to switch the website interface from Russian to English mode; then click the Download channel, select the Portable version of Double Commander and download the portable version. Then click on the Download channel and select the Portable version of Double Commander and download the portable version without installation (Figure 1).


2. Pane is not enough, add more tabs to expand

Double Commander opens two panes by default, so it is convenient to compare folders. If you think two panes are not enough, you can add tabs to open multiple folders at the same time.


There are several ways to create a new tab. Through the menu command “Tabs → New Tab”, you can add a new tab in the current pane; you can also directly use the Ctrl + T key combination to create; in addition, double-click the mouse in the blank space to the right of the current pane tab, you can also create a new tab; or right-click in the blank space to the right of the tab, select New Tab The new tab can also be created by double-clicking the mouse in the blank space to the right of the current tab.

3. No software to unzip RAR files

Although Windows 10 can unzip ZIP files directly, for RAR files, you need to install decompression software to unzip them. In Double Commander window, you don’t need to install any decompression software to use ZIP or RAR files. Simply double-click on a file and use it as if you were browsing a folder, you won’t feel the decompression process at all (Figure 3).


4. Splitting, comparing and verifying can be done with one click

In the past, special tools were needed to split large files for transfer or backup, compare the contents of two files, and verify the authenticity of files. In Double Commander, this can be done with commands without external assistance.


To split a large file, select the file and use the “Files→Split” command. To compare two files, select the two files and execute the “Files→Compare by Contents” command. To generate a file verification code, execute the “Files→Calculate Checksum” command and then select Generate Checksum by Type (Figure 4); to verify a file, execute the “Files→Verify Checksum ” command.

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