Office hacks: no installation tools PDF all-in-one online processing

Usually, we carry out simple editing and page processing of PDF documents, or PDF and other formats between the document conversion, generally need to install special software to carry out. In fact, there is no need to install any software, the use of a more versatile PDF Candy online services, you can easily complete these tasks (Figure 1).


The use of PDF Candy to follow the basic principles of unity: first visit the service website (, select a basic service module, upload the PDF or other documents to be processed (drag and drop to upload faster), the remote server according to user needs after processing, the user to download the processed documents.

1. Document format conversion

If we need to convert some common document formats to PDF, you can use the comprehensive conversion module PDF Converter, which can convert some common formats to PDF, including Word, Excel, PPT and other office documents, as well as JPG, PNG, BMP and other image formats, as well as EPUB, MOBI, DJVU, CHM and other e-book formats (Figure 2).


Of course, we can also select the site provides targeted independent sub-modules to complete the task of conversion, including from a variety of office documents, commonly used pictures, e-books and other formats to PDF independent conversion module.

In addition, the site also provides conversion services from PDF to office document formats. Select PDF to Word or PDF to DOCX module to achieve the conversion from PDF to Word format (Figure 3).


2. Page splitting adjustment

If you need to complete the splitting of PDF documents, you can do so through the Split PDF module; and Merge PDF enables the merging of pages.

PDF document pages if there are lying down or head-down pages, you can use the Rotate PDF module to rotate. If there are extra duplicate pages or advertising pages in the PDF document, Delete pages can be used to delete them. Rearrange pages can reorganize pages, while Split PDF can crop pages to remove white margins.

3. PDF document protection

If you need to add a watermark logo in the PDF document, you can use Add Watermark (Add Watermark), and then enter the watermark text or upload a watermark image to create a watermarked version of the PDF (Figure 5). When you need to add a password to the PDF, you can use Protect PDF to upload the document and enter the same password twice, the download is an encrypted PDF file.


Conversely, if the password is known PDF documents no longer need to protect, use Unlock PDF (Unlock PDF) to upload documents and enter the original document password, and then download the PDF, the document obtained is not contain the password.

4. simple document changes

If you want to edit the PDF document simple, through the Edit PDF module can be achieved. Use Edit metadata, you can modify the author, title, subject, keywords, date and other PDF document metadata. With Header and footer, Page numbers, you can modify the document’s header, footer and page number.

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