Mobile string burner: no reboot to solve the APP startup error problem

I believe many users of Android phones have encountered a similar situation: sometimes when opening an app (such as camera), there is an error (Figure 1), or repeatedly flashing back. At this time, all we can do is to restart the phone or re-download and install the app, which takes a very long time. So, is there a quicker way to solve the above problem?

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The sudden start-up error or flashback of APP is mostly caused by cache data conflict, which often happens when the old and new cell phones have just finished data migration and the system version has gone through large updates. In fact, we can bypass the tedious process of restarting the phone or uninstalling and reinstalling the APP by clearing the APP cache data.

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If there is a problem with the system pre-installed APPs, you need to click “Show system process” in the upper right corner to see them.

Take OPPO phone as an example, we can see the list of all installed APPs in the system “Settings→Application Management” (Figure 2), find and click the icon of the APP with error or flashing to enter the application information interface (Figure 3), click “Storage occupied After clicking “Storage Occupancy”, you can see the function buttons of “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” (Figure 4), clicking them is the same as resetting the app, which can solve various compatibility problems instantly.

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Tip After choosing Clear Data/Cache, all settings and data information of the app will be deleted, such as QQ and WeChat chat history, etc. If you have important data, remember to backup it in advance before executing this command.

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