Not only 5800X3D, how about the full line of attack of the sharp dragon

A few days ago in the push, we said the Rex 7 5800X3D, last night it was officially unveiled, and the previous launch and other channels revealed no different, but there is one thing but the launch did not say in detail, that is, along with it out there are a number of Rex CPUs, filling a huge gap in the market before, from entry to high-end, and rivals across the board “War”, but also gives the little partner more choices.


However, these CPUs also have some things that need special attention, such as they are not all Zen3 architecture products, but a number of Zen2 architecture, that is, the core of the Rex 3000 series products interspersed. What is this all about, and how should we choose it? Let’s take a look at it today.


The Rex 5000 series competes with our previous prediction of a price drop in gear. The Rex 7 5700X is listed at the same price as the Rex 5 5600X, while the Rex 5 5600 is a breath of fresh air down to $199, the same price as the Rex 5 3600X listed that year, leaving some room for the 5600X.


More special is the Rex 5 5500, and the year Rex 5 3500X listing price is close, but from the cache and only support PCIe 3.0, and Rex 5 3500X gaming good positioning is the opposite, more suitable for daily office. In addition this configuration also shows that it is likely to come from the mobile core, should be more calm, is a mini office, home PC preferable, it would be better if you can open the built-in graphics card that is blocked.


The Rex 4000 series makes people feel a bit strange, because it is basically non-existent in the desktop retail market before, only a few Rex 4000G APU, but also basically by the OEM “round up”. For example, the Dragon 5 4600G, in fact, has long been released, just not into the retail market. From the configuration of the cache capacity, they are the same as the aforementioned Rex 5 5500, highly suspected of being from the mobile version of the product.


Raron camp suddenly “expansion” first of all is the 12 generation Core this update i3, Pentium and other entry models, AMD low-end market no action may have to all lost, plus high-end temporarily really can not top, must pay attention to the mainstream, entry market. The second is the mobile version of the sharp dragon 6000 listed, AMD simply mobile version of the sharp dragon 5000, sharp dragon 4000 capacity to the desktop, the advantages and disadvantages can refer to the above mentioned sharp dragon 5 5500.


In addition, the Rex 4000 “new” there is a sense that the old motherboard is more adapted to their architecture, similar to the Rex 3000 and broken no less, if the hands of the AMD platform already seems outdated, may wish to spend less money on these Rex 4000, at least to keep up with the trend with two years. After that, you can meet the Rex 7000, 13 generation Core, DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0/6.0 and other new products, new technologies to bring a new era of PC, with the money saved to the computer to a thorough upgrade is not beautiful.


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