System hacks: not spend a penny to make the sound louder

Sometimes, the volume of laptop speakers may not meet our demand for sound playback. Clicking on the small speaker icon in the system tray and adjusting the volume adjustment slider to the maximum does not work, and adding powerful speakers is not what we want. This can be solved by adjusting the system’s own settings or using third-party software.

1. Use the system settings to control the volume

When the playback sound is too low, we often first think of clicking the small speaker icon on the system tray, and then turn the volume higher, but you may find that even if the volume is adjusted to the far right, the effect may still be unsatisfactory (Figure 1).


Actually, there are other factors that affect the volume than just this switch. First of all, you need to check all audio controls, not only the slider in the taskbar speaker. Right-click the small speaker icon on the system tray and select “Open Volume Mixer” (Figure 2).


Later we will find that in addition to the speaker vertical control bar, there are also some application volume control bars appear, perhaps because the volume of a program itself is not adjusted to the right position, to affect the final audio effect (Figure 3). In this case, the program’s volume can be turned up.


In addition, we can use the audio device sound enhancement options provided by the system to enhance the sound effect. In the speaker properties window, click Enhancements (enhancements) tab, and then click the Settings button to enhance the parameters can be set (Figure 4).


If the above settings still have no effect, you can try to update the sound card driver. Right-click the trumpet icon and select Open Playback Device, select a playback device in the list of playback devices and right-click, select Properties; in the Controller Information column, click Properties In the “Controller Information” column, click “Properties”; then in the device properties window that appears, select the “Driver” tab, and if the “Update Driver” button is available, click Update (Figure 5).


In addition, you can also run the DxDiag tool and manually find the updated sound card driver online under the “Sound” tab in the window that appears afterwards, according to the sound component details.

Adjusting volume with third-party applications

In addition to the system’s own volume settings and volume enhancement, we can also use some players or plug-ins that support volume enhancement. For example, use the double volume setting option of VLC Media Player software, use the enhanced playback adjustment button of Kugou Music Player, etc. to enhance the sound effect. For example, using DFX Audio Enhancer, a plug-in, you can also make several settings to increase the system volume.

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