Numbering from a specific page number in Microsoft Word 2019

To continue numbering from a specific page number in the document inorder to start at a particular page for a chapter of a book, do thefollowing:

  1. Open the header or footer area in a document.
  2. Select Format Page Numbers… fromthe Page Number drop-down list on theribbon:
ms office 872
  1. In the Page Number Format dialogbox, click on Start at: andtype the number to start from. Alternatively, use the spin arrows tonavigate to the number of your choice.
  2. Click on OK to makethe changes.
To remove headers, click on Insert | Header Remove Header. To remove a pagenumber, double-click on the header or footerarea to access its contents manually. Alternatively, clickon the Page Number icon from the Insert tab and choose Remove Page Numbers from the drop-down listbox.

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