Office on the go more convenient WPS work seamlessly switch

It is more convenient to deal with forms on the computer, but collecting data may need to take the phone to the field or laboratory input; planning case stuck, want to go out to convert the next idea to record ideas cremation, etc., should be the WPS users often encounter problems. Do you use QQ or WeChat to transfer the required forms, documents, or save to the network disk, WPS network space? In fact, there is the simplest way, you can directly and seamlessly convert the files opened on the phone, tablet or computer directly to another platform to continue processing.


First we need to unify users on different platforms of WPS, here we suggest using WeChat login, although it still requires mobile number verification and more leakage of personal information, but in the future login, adding devices, synchronization, etc. only requires WeChat to scan the QR code, which is much more convenient. Also here you need to open the WPS cloud synchronization function.




We don’t need to close the file that is open when we leave the computer. When you need to work on it, open WPS on your phone, click on the small and large screen icon in the upper right corner of the interface, you can see the file that is open on your computer, click to open it and continue working on it.



In turn, to the computer, it is also easy to the phone is dealing with the document to the computer to continue to deal with, but this first need to “Settings” in the use of “switch window management mode”, the WPS interface to switch to integrated mode. After the same click the button in the upper right corner of the interface, select the pop-up interface on the left side of the mobile device you can see the document being processed, click to open the process.



For partners who do not like the integration mode, in fact, you can also synchronize the processing of documents on the computer side, you just have to open the appropriate format of WPS, and to save and run the document cloud synchronization on the phone first to do. Switching to use on the phone is the same as the previous article, there is no difference, how do you choose it?


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