Office hacks: Office with or without the hook to select the box batch automatically change

We fill out the form information in Word, often used with or without the check box symbols, such as the choice of gender, title, etc.. A small number of symbols can be manually entered through the soft keyboard, but if you want to deal with a large amount of data, then this operation is tiring. In fact, the combination of Word and Excel, with the “replacement method” can easily achieve the automatic update of the input of the bulk box. The following is an example of the production of employee information confirmation form on the basis of the employee roster to illustrate. The specific operation is completed in Office 2019.

1. Modify the worksheet structure

Create a new sheet Sheet2, split the “Gender” field into “Male” and “Female” fields, and split the “Education The “Education” field is split into “Primary”, “Middle”, “High” and other fields. Then, the new worksheet needs to be associated with the original worksheet data, in the second line of the “male” field, enter the formula “=IF(VLOOKUP($B2,Sheet1!$B$2:$F$7,2,FALSE)=$C$1, “R”, “F”) “, a similar formula is entered for “Female”, “Elementary”, “Middle” and other levels of fields, with the difference that the “$C$1” in the C to the field in the column letter, such as “elementary school” for “$G$1”, down to fill the corresponding cell. In this way, the spreadsheet needed for mail merge is built (Figure 1).


Tip: Since the letter “R” stands for Real in the “Wingding2” font, it can be directly converted into a definite, selected icon, while “F” means Negative, so the corresponding field values need to be replaced by the letters “R” and “F”.

2. Create mail merge

Open the Word template file (i.e., Employee Information Confirmation Form) and use the mail merge method to insert the fields from the worksheet into the appropriate locations in the Word template. After completing the merge, click on “Edit Individual Letters” and select “All” in the pop-up “Merge to New Document” window to confirm that the information confirmation form for all is generated (Figure 2). The confirmation form will be generated for everyone (Figure 2).


Tip: After the mail merge, Word documents in the date of birth format and Excel worksheet is different, you need to right-click the birth of the domain field, select “switch the domain code” in the domain code after adding the format code “@YYYY.MM.DD DD”.

3. Replace characters

Move the cursor to the beginning of the document, switch to the “Start” tab, click “Find→Advanced Find”, enter “R” in the pop-up window at the “Find Content”, enter “R” at the “Replace with”, click “More”, place the cursor at the “Find” tab, and click “More”. “R”, in the “Replace with”, enter “R”, click “More”, the cursor on the Replace with”, click “Format→Font”, in the pop-up window, select “Wingding2” for “Western Font”, click “Replace All”, and click “Replace All”. “, click “Replace All”; Similarly, the letter “F” directly replaced by a box symbol can be (Figure 3). In this way, the letter “R” will be replaced in bulk with a hooked box, and the letter “F” will be replaced in bulk with a blank box, thus completing the replacement of all boxes with or without hooks.


Tip: The input box can be used to “insert → symbols” method of inserting a box in the document, and then cut and paste the box to “replace with” can be.



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