Old graphics card “hang on” RX 5000 enabled SAM performance how

AMD’s SAM (Smart Access Memory) technology for the RX 6000 series of graphics cards has been introduced before, and has been expanded from only supporting the Riptide 5000+ RX 6000 at launch to the Riptide 3000, and recently opened up to the RX 5000 graphics cards. As an A card before the “graphics crisis”, there are many more RX 5000 partners than RX 6000, so how much benefit SAM can bring to these cards, and whether it should be turned on, is definitely a concern for more partners.


Since we are a bit far from the last time we introduced SAM, here is a brief description of it, which is actually a technology that allows the CPU to access all video memory. For various reasons, although the video memory is several gigabytes, but the CPU can only directly access 256MB of video memory, the main information exchange between the graphics card and the CPU needs to use the memory, and the high bandwidth of the on-board video memory, more than a dozen Gbps rate compared to the common memory is only 128bit/3200MHz, of course, the performance is lower.


Turning on this feature is also very simple, as long as the motherboard supports this feature, use the latest BIOS, turn on the Smart Access Memory feature on it, of course, some motherboards called Re-Size BAR, CAR and so on, in fact, the function is basically the same, turn it on. Then install the use of the latest 21.9.1 announced drivers on it, in the game and the driver do not have to do anything to set.


The test is based on different types of games, such as “Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla”, “Extreme Racing: Forza Horizon 4”, “Resident Evil: Village” and so on. Village), etc., using the three common resolutions.




The “devolved” SAM technology works well in these games, while Microsoft Flight Simulator is a less obvious improvement. In fact, there are several other games with slightly reduced frame rates, such as Gears of War 5 and The Witcher 3.




From these test games, the frame speed improvement is really obvious in the games with better SAM support, and the free performance improvement is super fragrant. As for the games with bad support, although there is also a slight drop in frame speed, but basically a change of one or two frames / s up and down, there is really no feeling, for these games and toss a BIOS does not seem to be meaningful, so in general, have a sharp dragon 3000 and RX 5000 partners, or open some better.


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