System hacks: One-click access to create privacy browsing shortcut mode

Microsoft Edge browser offers a private browsing mode called InPrivate. After using this mode to browse a web page and closing all InPrivate tabs, Microsoft Edge automatically deletes browsing data including cookies, history or temporary files, and the above temporary data is not saved on the computer. However, each time you open this mode, you need to select a command through the software settings menu and open a separate browsing window, which is inconvenient (Figure 1). If you can create a shortcut on the desktop, you can quickly enter Edge’s InPrivate browsing mode with one click.


Right-click on a blank space on the Windows 10 desktop and select “New→Shortcut” in the pop-up shortcut menu. In the “Please type the location of the object” box of the Create Shortcut dialog window that opens, enter the following command (Figure 2).

%windir%System32cmd.exe /c start shell:AppsFolderMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe!MicrosoftEdge -private


Click “Next” to enter the shortcut naming dialog window, enter “Edge Privacy Browsing Mode” (or any other name you define) in the “Type a name for this shortcut” box, and click “Finish” button (Figure 3).


After completing the above operations, the “Edge Privacy Browsing Mode” shortcut icon will appear on the desktop. Right-click this icon and select “Properties”, and click the “Change Icon” button in the “Edge Privacy Browsing Mode” properties window; in the open Change Icon dialog box, enter the following command (Figure 4) Enter the following command (Figure 4).



Finally, click the “OK” button to change the icon to Edge icon style. After that, you can use this desktop icon to enter the privacy browsing mode with one click.

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IE can also enter inprivate mode with one click through the settings. Just find the IE shortcut and right-click it, select “Properties”, append a half-space and “-private” parameter at the end of the command line in the target field of the shortcut, so that the generated IE shortcut can enter private browsing mode with one click (Figure 5). Browse mode (Figure 5).


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