Office Hacks: One page for multi-page sliding display

PPT uses menus for slide display, often switching between multiple slides. In fact, if you use multiple rectangles, with the aid of triggers, you will be able to easily achieve the effect of switching between multiple slides in just one slide (Figure 1).


First of all, create a new blank slide, set the background color, insert the required menu using the graphics in the self-selected graphics, design the menu style, drag and drop the menu to the appropriate location; then use the inserted rectangle and other graphics in the slide and the required pictures and text on the page, design their style, arrange the position, select the graphics, pictures and text, etc., combine them, select Select the “Start” tab, click “Select→Select Pane”, in the selection pane window, double-click the name of the combination, change the name to “Combination 1”; copy and paste the combination. Change the name of the newly pasted combination to “Combination 2”, and replace the picture and text in Combination 2 as needed; and so on, copy and paste as many combinations as there are menus (Figure 2).


Next, select “Portfolio 6” in the slide, select the “Animation” tab, click “Add Animation→More to Animation”, select Cut in”, “Effect Options”, select “From Left”, click “Trigger→By Click”, select “Rectangle 6” (i.e. menu). Select “Rectangle 6” (i.e. menu 6); select “Combination 5”, set its exit animation effect as “Cut out”, “Effect Options Select “to the right” at “Effect Options”, set “Simultaneous with previous animation” at the beginning, click “Trigger→By Click”, select Rectangle 6″, and so on, add “cut out” exit animation effect to combination 4, combination 3, combination 2, combination 1, and select “to the right” at “Effect Options”. “To the right”, the beginning of all set to “and the previous animation at the same time”, the trigger are set to click “rectangle 6” (Figure 3).


Similarly, select “Combo 5” in the slide, also set its entry animation to “Cut”, “Effect Options” is also “From Left “Click “Trigger→Click”, select “Rectangle 5” (i.e. Menu 5); select “Combo 6″, add the exit animation Cut out”, “To the right”, “Simultaneous with previous animation”, click “Trigger→Click”, select “Rectangle 5” (i.e. Menu 5) Select “Rectangle 5”, and so on, add the exit animation “Cut out”, “To the right”, “Simultaneous with the previous animation” to Combination 4, Combination 3, Combination 2, Combination 1. “with the previous animation at the same time”, the trigger is set to click “rectangle 5”. Similarly, other combinations of appearances and exits are set similarly, only that the triggers are different. Finally, all the combinations are selected, and they are aligned at the top, left-aligned on it (Figure 4).


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