Software recommendation: online intelligent image compression

If you can’t distribute the photos immediately, it’s not too late to send them to everyone over the Internet later. But nowadays, whether taken with cell phones or digital cameras, the photo files are very large, which is not conducive to online transmission, so it is best to compress the photos accordingly before distribution to make the files smaller while maintaining quality.

Self-setting image compression ratio parameters

If you only occasionally use the compression function, we do not have to install the software, through some online services can be completed. Here I recommend the Optimizilla website, which not only provides an easy-to-use compression service, but also allows us to adjust the parameters of compression according to the actual situation.

Open the Optimizilla homepage (, first select “Chinese” in the language list at the top of the page, and switch the interface to Simplified Chinese to facilitate the operation later. Next, click on the “Upload document” button and select the photo file to be compressed in the pop-up dialog box (you can select more than one) and upload it to the website.

The service will analyze the content of the image and provide a targeted compression operation, and you can view the compression ratio by thumbnail after completion (Figure 1).


At the same time, a comparison between the original image and the compressed image can be seen below, allowing the user to zoom in on the details of the image to better understand the effect of the compression (Figure 2). If you are not satisfied with the default compression, you can adjust the “Quality” slider bar on the right side of the image and click the “Apply” button to confirm when you are satisfied with the preview. Finally, click “Download” under each image, or directly click the “Merge” button to download the compressed images to your computer.


Multiple Compressions for Users to Choose

Recompressor also offers a compression service, but instead of having to manually adjust the compression parameters, it automatically compresses the uploaded images in several different ways, allowing users to choose the image they are happy with.

The Recompressor homepage ( can also be accessed by switching to “Simplified Chinese” from the language list. Next, you can see that the service offers three different ways for users to submit images, besides the usual mouse drag and drop and click on the “Select image to compress” button, you can also paste and upload via Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (Figure 3).


Recompressor automatically uses different parameters to compress the file, and then displays the results in a list and graph, and recommends the best result for the user based on the quality and size of the compression. The user can click on “View” to see the details and then click “Download” if they are satisfied (Figure 4), or choose another compression chart if they are not satisfied.



If you have uploaded multiple photos for compression at once, you can click the “Download all images” button to download them in one package.

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