6 Methods to Open Password Protected Rar File

RAR files are archived file formats that are compressed and allow for error recovery and file spanning. It is supported by RAR software that was developed by a Russian engineer called Eugene Roshal. Data is often secured with passwords to protect them from unauthorized persons. Since you do not open your files daily, you can forget the passwords.

Is it possible to unlock protected RAR files without a password? Fortunately, it is possible. There are several ways you can open RAR file without a password. Here are six methods you can use to open your RAR files if you forget your password.

1. Try a frequently used password

Everybody has that common password that you use when logging in to files or websites. It can be your date of birth, names of loved ones or favorite pets and sports teams. Who forgets the names of their loved ones and pets? I am an Arsenal fan, and I know all the first-team players by name. The teams’ legend is my password! Such passwords are simple, and you can guess them from your memory.


Sometimes you have very many files to save, pushing you to use a different password. It can be dangerous because the Human mind often records what it finds interesting. However, if you feel blank, check chrome or another browser password because that can be the universal password. If not, the password can give you a clue regarding the password you forgot.

You can also check your password manager if you have because you can be lucky to find that you saved your RAR password here. When you need something, it tends to be hard to quit. Quitting is not an option because it does not open a password protected RAR file. Proceed to check the passwords saved on your phone. Learn to save your password on your phone or paper. It minimizes inconveniences that come with forgetting passwords.

2. Recover RAR password online

Being busy is the norm in current times. Everybody is working hard to beat time and earn more money. We move from one office to the other, attend seminars and go on various official trips; hence, forgetting passwords increases. You should not worry since you can retrieve e your RAR file password online. It is a straightforward procedure that does not require the installation of ay software on your computer.

There are several password recovery tools online, which are very effective. Although most of them are free to use, some are premium tools that might require some subscriptions. We have selected the best online tools that you can use to retrieve your RAR file password.

Online hash crack

It is a cloud-based tool used to unlock passwords. An online hash crack is a versatile tool that supports more than 85 algorithms but can support more upon request. It is crafted to unlock both complex and simple passwords. Are you wondering how to open password protected RAR file with an online hash crack?

It is a simple principle. The online tool analyzes that coded information to unearth the password. The time taken to display a forgotten password depends on how complex the password is. Weak passwords can be decoded and displayed immediately, but more complex passwords can take you 10 hours. It is therefore appropriate for breaking weak passwords like 123.

Steps to follow when unlocking passwords using online hash crack

1. Visit the official online hash crack website. The homepage display has two sections; password/hashes and WPA/Office/iTunes/PDF

2. To unlock your password, upload the RAR file to the section with WPA/Office/iTunes/PDF. Please reload the page after uploading it to ensure that the file is saved on the site.

3. Upon uploading it, you will find an option to enter an email address. Fill it with your active email address and submit. Entering the active email address is crucial because the password will be sent to the mail.


The steps are straightforward but be careful when entering the details. Any incorrect details can lead to failure to retrieve the password. You should also be patient because the process can be lengthy but effective.

Password online recovery

This is an alternative option you can use. Like the first option, the time taken to decode a password depends on its complexity. You will only be charged for successful decryptions.

To use password recovery online, follow the following steps;

1. Visit the password online recovery website on your computer.

2. Upload your encrypted RAR file and fill in your active email and click ‘send.’ All the notices are sent via mail.

3. Activate your email and wait for the results. You should be patient because the process can take some time.


It is the most popular and straightforward online tool for decrypting passwords. LostMyPass provides its users with 3 options on how to unlock the RAR file online. The options are;

  • weak password recovery
  • strong password recovery
  • brute force with a mark

Here are steps to follow

1. Visit LostMyPass’s official website, click file types and select WinRAR.


2. Follow the option ‘or click here’ and upload your encrypted RAR file to commence the unlocking process.

3. Be patient as LostMyPass processes your password.

If the site is unable to decode the encrypted file, it will notify you to switch to other online tools.

3. Unlock WinRAR archive password with notepad

Removing password from encrypted RAR files using a notepad does not need any software. The notepad app is a pre-installed application on your computer. There are a few simple steps to follow when unlocking the RAR file password using notepad.


Step1: search for the encrypted RAR file on the files section and right-click. Click open with and click choose another app and select notepad.

Step 2: click edit and replace Ûtà with 5³tà’ and IžCO with IžCO.

1516XDwnPiTiMK IO0GaeHQ

Step 3: save the changes and the updated file as .bat extension. The computer will not ask for any password when accessing the contents.

Using a notepad is very effective when decoding numeric passwords. Try other options if it does not work.

4. Open password-protected RAR file with CDM

Using CDM to crack a RAR file password is an effective but cumbersome method. It can be technical to commoners because it involves entering some coded commands. The advantage of using CDM is that the application is free but consumes time. Any errors that occur when entering the command line are hazardous because it causes damages to your computer. Moreover, mistakes also damage your data. You must, therefore, use this method if you are confident about what to do and the procedures to follow.

Follow this procedure to decode your encrypted RAR file with CDM

1. Visit the internet and search for a code of the batch script. Copy the code, then open the notepad app on your computer and paste the code.


Save the code as Cracker.bat

2. Search for the bat file on your files. After fining it, double click to i8nitiate the command prompt window.


3. Press enter on your keyboard. If you follow each step correctly, the password will be displayed at the bottom of other inputs.

Like all other quick solutions, CMD can decode your encrypted file, but it is not guaranteed. Besides not being 100% effective, the process is also very complex and lengthy. Do not try using this method if you are not a computer guru. There are several other options that can help you out.

5. Open password-protected RAR file with free crack software

Forgetting a password can be very frustrating, especially when some file is required and you cannot access it. However, thanks to the brilliant mind, there are several software applications that you can use to decode your encrypted file. We have sampled the best software applications for you.

PassFab for RAR

It is a powerful multi-purpose RAR password break which the ability to retrieve all encrypted RAR files. The software uses coded algorithms and computer processing units to decode the passwords.

Download the software, select your language and accept the terms. Click the Add diode to transfer the encrypted software to the application. Choose the complexity of your password according to the hint, which everyone remembers.

Finally, choose the mode of attack. It is advisable to choose the dictionary attack because it derives passwords from an inbuilt dictionary.

PassFab takes between 3–30 minutes to crack an encrypted file. It is free to download the application, but users pay a monthly fee of $15.95 to use the software.

KRyLack RAR Password Recovery


It has an outdated look, but it is rated among the most advanced password cracking software applications.

To upload your encrypted file, select browse and select the nature of your forgotten password. It takes between 5–40 minutes to crack an encrypted file. There are two versions of KRyLack, the free and premium versions. The free version cracks passwords with 3 or fewer characters. Ou should pay $19.95 for the premium version, which comes with an array of features like;

  • Fully customized interface
  • Lightning-fast recovery speed
  • Autosave session
  • Compatible with almost everything.

ISunshare RAR password genius


As the name suggest, this software is a password genius that packs scores of punch. Regardless of how complex your password is, ISunshare can retrieve it. Download the software and click the type of attack. You will find a range type with various options and different characters. Click the brute force option and select length.

Enter the size length of the password and press enter. You will get an option to upload the encrypted file. To crack the encrypted file, the software can take roughly 30 minutes. The free package strictly cracks 3-character passwords. Subscribe to the premium account for $19.95 for a better experience.

Final thoughts

Passwords play a critical role in the safety of our personal information. We sometimes forget the passwords, but luckily there are many ways of cracking encrypted files. However, to avoid inconveniences, use simple passwords that resonate with your hobbies and daily routines because they are hard to forget. Maintaining a strong universal password is also a brilliant idea.

All the methods we have provided are practical, but you need to find what works for you best before settling on any of them.

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