Optimizing and compressing media inPowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2019

Compressing media is another huge factor when exporting a file or ifyou need to keep a presentation’s file size down when working on a fileor sending a file as attachments. So, we will learn how to manipulateimage compression.

Improving your playback experience is vital when you have audio andvideo files embedded in your presentation. Compressing these files savesdisk space. Please note, however, that 3D models in PowerPoint 2019increase the file size incredibly and thereis currently no way to compressthem—static image replacements reduce the file sizeconsiderably:

  1. Open a presentation that contains pictures and video content. Forthis example, we will use the SSGTravel.pptx presentation.
  2. Click on the Info menu item fromthe File tab:
ms office 518
  1. Select Compress Media:
ms office 411
  1. Choose the compression you require from the list provided.
  2. Once you have chosen an option, the Compress dialog box opens and compressionbegins:

ms office 785

  1. Close the dialog box when complete.
  2. Pictures can take up a large amount of space within a presentation,especially if you have cropped a picture as the cropped out part of thepicture will remain in the presentation unless you compress the imagescorrectly. Please note that once you have removed the unwanted croppedareas of pictures and saved the presentation, you will no longer be ableto edit or get back those unwanted areas of the pictures.
  3. Select a picture in the presentation to compress.
  4. Click on the Format tab, then fromthe Adjust group, select Compress Pictures:
ms office 300
  1. The Compress Pictures dialog boxpopulates, where you can choose to compress the selected picture—or allthe pictures—by leaving the checkbox blank.

    In addition, notice the Delete cropped areaof pictures option. This reduces the file size considerably ifyou have a lot of cropped pictures throughout the presentation:

ms office 359
  1. Select a Resolution: option forthe pictures in the presentation, depending on how you intend to use thepresentation once it is compressed. Click on the OK button when done to confirm the settings,then save the presentation to save the changes.

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