How to Overlay a Picture on a Video We can Overlay Online and Free

To overlay is to insert a picture over a video to create a split-screen picture-in-picture. You can add a watermark, logo, and any other information that you may want to display over the video through overlaying.


There are different reasons as to why people overlay a picture. You may overlay a watermark on a video to show ownership; in that, it helps associate your brand logo with the media. A photo on a video also helps the viewer visualize what the text is talking about. On the other hand, users may overlay a picture on a video to make it look great. Whichever the reason, you can use plenty of ways to put an image onto your video.

There are online services, apps, and free tools at your disposal to overlay a picture on a video. Read on and get to know various ways to overlay an image on a video with high quality easily.

Best Overlay Picture on Video App – Movavi (macOS, Windows)

To add images to a video, we need a video editor; it is crucial. Just by doing a simple google search, you will get hundreds of different video editor brands; some are new brands while others have been in existence for decades. For this reason, it becomes challenging to pick one of the brands from the top lists.

If you want to have a really good start and an incredible video editing experience, you can go with our best recommendation; Movavi Video Editor Plus. Do you know what the best part is? You have the option of trying out the free version before you can upgrade.

With its montage wizard on your display, this video editor allows you to create quick videos. Besides, you get access to a comprehensive collection of in-built templates. Using Movavi Video Editor Plus, you can also edit a video from scratch, add a sticker, titles, filters, edit audios, edit and enhance a video clip or present any other ideas in the video.

Considering the creation of overlays, this video editor can overlay an image or a video onto a video. Whether you are a Windows or a macOS user, you have the option to download the free trial version and enjoy adding images to your videos without spending a single coin.


Movavi Video Editor Plus Unique Features

  • Effect packages where you can customize your videos
  • Extensive library of filters, animations, translations, stickers and titles.
  • Online video sharing features
  • Convert video to audio or video formats
  • Ten overlay effects
  • Montage Wizard to create quick videos
  • Edit and enhance videos: You have such options to add a logo, rotate, chrome key, cut, highlight, crop, conceal, create an overlay.
  • Add and edit audio: remove noise, loop, record, sync, extract, fade in/out

Using the Movavi Overly Picture Video App to Overlay a Picture on Video

To overlay a picture on video using this video editor:

  • First, download the Movavi Video Editor Plus app, install and open it
  • Upload the main video and the picture that you want to overlay on the Movavi timeline.
  • Place the foreground over the video track
  • A line connecting the image on the overlay track to the video footage appears. Drag the picture on the overlay until you get to the exact position to overlay the picture.
  • There is a “settings” gear icon on the left-hand side; click it, and select “overlay.”
  • You will then have to choose an overlay effect, and the picture will automatically be added to your video. Note that you have the option to move the overlay picture by dragging it to the specific place you want it to be in the background video. Besides, you can resize by clicking on the corners of the frame and dragging. Also, remember to check on the overlay results on the right-hand side of the Movavi video screen.
  • Save the video with the overlay effect by clicking on the Blue “export” button under the player
  • How to Overlay Picture on Video Free with Mac iMovie

     iMovie is a free video editor that works excellent when you want to overlay a picture onto video. This editing tool comes preinstalled in macOS. To overlay a picture on a video using iMovie:

  • First, open iMovie on Mac
  • Then, you will have to drag and drop both the background video and the picture you want to overlay (foreground photo) to the editor’s timeline. Note that you should place the picture over the video track.
  • Click on the very first “settings” option – Video Overlay Settings>Picture in Picture
  • You can either resize or change the position of the overlay picture. Resize the size of the picture by dragging the frame corners. On the other hand, you can change the overlay position by dragging and moving the picture.
  • overlay-a-picture-on-a-video-4
  • In addition, you can choose the picture in picture effect and decide on other overlay settings to put into place
  • The last step is to export the video with the overlay effect. Go to File>Share>File
  • Overlay Picture on Video Online, No Watermark (Kapwing)

    With Kapwing, you can have an extensive array of options. You can easily add a PNG, logo, or photo in the location that you prefer in your video. Also, in Kapwing, you can create, edit and enhance videos, add images, stickers, text, filters, and subtitles.

    The most interesting fact is the surging popularity of Kapwing on devices and browsers. Besides, you don’t have to make any downloads.


    Most online free video editors add watermarks to the videos you export. Watermarks can be troublesome, especially when you want to use the video in a formal setting. Luckily, Kapwing allows you to put an image into a video online for free and without any watermark.

    This editing tool helps you enhance your video. Use Kapwing video editor to put an image on your video or combine a picture with your video.

    To Overlay a Picture to A Video Online, follow the following steps:

  • Launch the site to download the watermark-free video. Note that you must sign in to make any downloads.
  • overlay-a-picture-on-a-video-6
  • The second step is to upload the picture you want to overlay on the video and the background video itself. You can even paste a link to any file source on the internet; amazing!
  • Thirdly, upload your image. Users can decide at which stage of the video the overlay takes effect. This is simply by dragging and moving the picture along the timeline. In the same vein, you can change the size of the overlay picture by playing with its corner frames.
  • Export the video and share – The last step is to save the video containing the picture overlay effect. Click the “export video” icon and choose output.
  • Video Overlay

    You can easily combine an image, text and another video with your footage.

    Consider an instance where you accidentally shot a funny video, but it comes out without a sound. Don’t worry; Pixiko has you covered. With Pixico, you can record an audio of the happenings of that day. In such a case, you need to upload two videos to your editor. Put one video on the other through precise positioning, i.e., You should know exactly where to put the second video in the first one.

    You can also overlay a picture on the final video, just a nice picture or a GIF. Select a nice photo that goes in line with the emotions portrayed by the video. In addition, you can add text to make the video even more appealing. For instance, the text can include the date of shooting or the geolocation.

    Pixico users can edit and improve videos using this overlay tool without spending a dime! All that’s for free.

    The Bottom Line

    Like we have seen, numerous advantages come in handy with overlaying a picture on a video. Besides, you can do all this online for free. You can even overlay a picture online with no watermarks.

    The article guides you through how you can overlay a picture on a video. So, whether you are using macOS or Windows, there is a way for you to go through all this. Enjoy the fun that these video editors offer; add a picture at the start, corner, or middle of your video.

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