Software recommendation: P2P file sharing new options

The common P2P sharing is passive, that is, we download whatever others share. In fact, during the process of downloading and sharing files, we can also actively share the related files, thus forming a better form of sharing interaction.

Create file sharing links

Previously, we could do this through the foreign software Resilio Sync, but now a similar software has been launched in China, which provides users with a new option when sharing files. First, open the official website of Resilio Sync ( through your browser and download the corresponding client software zip package. After unzipping the zip file, run the client software program in the folder, then the software will automatically pop up the file sharing interface. If the interface does not pop up, then we just need to find the icon of the client software in the system tray, click the right mouse button and select the “Open Main Interface” command in the menu.

Then click the plus button in the upper left corner of the pop-up interface, and select the “Standard Folder” command in the pop-up menu. Then, in the “Select Directory” dialog box, select a folder for file sharing (Figure 1).


Once the shared folder is created, a dialog box will pop up to set the folder permissions. Users can choose “Read Only” or “Read/Write” option according to their needs, and if they agree to other users sharing files and uploading them, then choose “Read/Write” option (Figure 2). Figure 2). If you do not allow other users to upload, then select “Read Only”. Finally, copy the link in the “Address” field and share it via email or instant messenger.


Synchronized file transfer

After other users get the address link we shared, open the client software of “Wiley Sync” as before. Click the plus button in the upper right corner of the interface and select the “Enter key or link” command in the pop-up menu. In the pop-up dialog box, enter the obtained address link and click “Next” button to set a folder directory where the files will be saved (Figure 3). This will complete the connection between the two devices, and then it will get the size index information of the shared folder directory, and finally it will be possible to synchronize the file transfer between the two devices. If more users join this P2P file sharing network, the files can be downloaded from multiple devices at the same time, thus improving the efficiency of network bandwidth usage.


Manage shared files effectively

When we share files, sometimes we need to download other files from the network. In order to prevent the shared files from taking up too much network bandwidth, you can stop the shared files temporarily and share them again when they are finished downloading. In this case, we just need to find the shared item in the list of the operation interface, click the right mouse button and select the “Pause Sync” command in the pop-up menu. In addition, we can also use this menu to perform a series of operations such as “Remove Directory” and “Rescan Directory” (Figure 4).


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