Packaging a presentation for transfer in Microsoft Office 2019

Packaging a presentation for transfer is solely applicable toPowerPoint and allows you to save a presentation along with all of itscontent (such as video, audio, and links) to a folder with thePowerPoint viewer ready for presenting. Before packaging apresentation, make sure you have inspected your file for hidden data andpersonal information. Ask yourself whether you are comfortable with yourname and company information, as well as any possible hidden slides inyour presentation, being viewed when the presentation is packaged.

Before we learn how to inspect a document, we need to look at theelements we will need to inspect when checking a document for hiddendata and personal information. Hidden data and personal information arestored in every file you create. This information is calledmetadata.

In the next section, we will learn about metadata and how to inspectfiles so that we can remove these properties from files before sharingthem with organizations, individuals, or online.

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