Packaging a presentation (PowerPoint only) in Microsoft Office 2019

This feature is solely applicable to PowerPoint and allows you tosave a presentation along with all of its content (such as video, audio,and links) to a folder with the PowerPoint viewer ready for presenting.You do not have to have a CD drive to package a presentation as you cansend the output to your local computer, copy it to a flash drive, orupload it online:

  1. Save your presentation before you package it in case errors occurand you lose the original presentation. We will use theSSGreenGroup.pptx presentation for this example.
  2. Click on the File tab and selectExport.
  3. Choose Package Presentation forCD.
  4. Make sure, at this point, that you have a CD in the drive if you aregoing to send the package to CD; alternatively, send the package to afolder on your computer.
  5. Click to choose Package forCD:
ms office 843

The packaging includes all the videos, fonts, sounds, and anyadditional files, as well as the PowerPoint viewer to play thepresentation in if the destination computer does not have PowerPoint2019.

  1. Name the presentation package in the Namethe CD: text area and add any other files that need to be sentwith the package:

ms office 795

  1. Click on the Options… button ifyou would like to add any protection passwords to open the package.
  2. Choose to copy the package to a folder on your hard drive or to theCD directly. We will send the package to a folder on the computer forthis example:

ms office 831

  1. Click on OK to continue. Once thepackage is created, click on Close. 
  2. Open the folder to view the packaged presentation:

ms office 653

  1. The folder contains the PresentationPackage folder, containing allthe supporting files and the viewer, as well as the original PowerPointpresentation.

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