Software recommendation: PC battery condition it knows

Want to know more about the battery status of your laptop? The system information display provided by Windows alone provides little information. At this point, you can check the condition of your computer’s battery with the help of a BATExpert software.

BATExpert is not officially available in Simplified Chinese, and the Chinese version on the Internet is not perfect, so we recommend using the original English version. After running the software, if there is no battery installed in the computer, a pop-up window will show No battery (Figure 1).


Instead, various current status parameters of the battery are automatically detected and displayed (Figure 2).


1. Battery Manufacturer and Product Model

If you want to know the manufacturer of the computer battery and the specific model of the product, check the Manufacturer section for information such as manufacturer and serial number.

2. Know the charging status of the battery

When the computer is not plugged in, the icon at the top right of the Status column in BATExpert shows Power on battery (discharging), indicating that the battery is in use and not charged (Figure 3).


If the power cord is connected, the Power on line (charging) message is displayed here, indicating that the battery is being charged using an external power source. The first icon on the left shows the percentage of charge (Figure 4). 3.


3. Battery life prediction

The icon below the battery charging status icon shows the predicted remaining battery usage time for the current battery. This value is increasing if the battery is charging, and decreasing if the battery is in an uncharged state of use. The value of remaining usage time is accurate to 1 minute, which is more quantitative and intuitive than the percentage display provided by the system tray itself (Figure 5).


4. Battery health or wear and tear

If you want to know the current battery health or usage loss, you can check it through the Health/Wear column. For example, this example shows 96%, which means the current battery health is 96% and the wear and tear is 4% (Figure 6).


5. Other parameters of the battery’s condition

We can also see the chemical type of the battery through the Chemistry column, for example, it shows Lithium Ion, which means it is a lithium-ion battery (Figure 7). In addition, the current temperature, charge cycles, etc. can also be displayed according to the battery used.


Tip: Some models of batteries have individual parameters that may not be displayed by the above software.

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