Your pc has been reset but we couldn’t remove all your personal files

If you see the error message like “Your PC has been reset, but we couldn’t remove all your personal files” on the screen, we will tell you how to get rid of it. Removing Get Office app and one drive are two possible ways, but in a specific situation, a fresh install of Windows 10 will work. Let us know more about this topic.

Method 1: Remove Get Office app

Get office application helps in the installation of office apps on your PC. It comes pre-installed with your Windows system applications. This might be causing the problem of Window reset fails. By using Get office, the users can buy all the productivity apps from the office suite. If Get office program is installed in your PC, remove it so that you can reset the PC smoothly. It is powered with some great features but uninstalling is necessary to eradicate the issue of Your PC has been reset, but we couldn’t remove all your personal files. The steps to remove Get office application are as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to the search box and type “Get Office”. If it is already installed in your system, you can see it in the list of search results.

Step 2: Right-click on the Get Office application. Now, you will be provided with the option of uninstalling it. Click on the “Uninstall” option, and then the app will be removed from your computer. Now, you can perform Reset again.

Method 2: Perform a clean install of Windows 10

When the Windows is causing a problem on your computer, then you can perform a clean and fresh installation. This will erase the hard drive files along with fixing memory, troubleshooting, startup, and many other problems. It can even improve the battery life of laptops and tablets apart from removing viruses and malware. Microsoft has made the process of clean installation quite easier.

All you have to do is own a license of Windows 7, Windows, 8.1, or Windows 10. Even having the product key will work for you. After doing this, you will not experience Window reset fails. Keep a USB flash drive or writeable DVD with the 4 GB of free space. Moreover, do not forget to back up all the files and folders before clean installation. Now, you need to download the “Media Creation tool”, but first, we will give you a little idea about it.

Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool is the most reliable way to upgrade to the latest version or reinstall Windows 10 on your computer. It is useful in the creation of bootable media and downloading Windows 10 IOS file. It offers convenience in a clean installation of Windows 10. You can download it from the official link:

Steps to do a clean installation of Windows 10

Step 1: After downloading the Media Creation tool, run “MediaCreationTool.exe” by clicking on it.

Step 2: When the tool opens, choose “Create installation media for another PC” and then click on “Next”. If you want to upgrade the current PC, which you are using, then select “Upgrade this PC now”.


Step 3: Select language, edition and architecture or check “Use the recommended options for this PC”. It will be a better option. After that, tap on “Next”.

Step 4: Select “USB flash drive” or “ISO file” to initiating a clean installation of Windows 10. Again, click on “Next” for performing further steps.


Step 5: If you have connected multiple external USB flash drives, then choose to select the drive you want from the list of removable drives.

Step 6: Click on “Finish” once the Media Creation tool completes the creation of media.

Step 7: Now, insert the USB Drive or DVD and restart the PC in which you want to do a clean installation of Windows 10. Hit any key to start booting from the USB drive or DVD.

Step 8: Keep following the instructions as displayed on the screen. You have to provide the Windows license key (product key) and agree to the license terms. If instructions do not show up and the current version of Windows OS start running, then you have to enter to the boot menu by pressing F2 or F12 key. Do this when the computer is starting up. Confirm the use of a key from the manufacture to run boot menu.

Step 9: If you are trying to replace another version of Windows with the latest Windows 10 OS instead of on empty partition or empty hard drive then always ensure to select “Change what to keep”.


Step 10: Choose “Nothing” when “What to Keep” window appears. This erases every file and folder from the partition and hard drive. Besides, this will let you install Windows 10 from scratch.


When applying all these steps, keep in mind to do as said. If the Windows do not install correctly, you will have to face a more complex issue. However, one thing is right; these steps have worked for plenty of users. We know it will work for you too. Just make sure to choose a good quality of USB flash drive and keep the back up of your Windows to another external drive to access them later.

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