Ways to Convert PDF to EPS (Without Losing Quality)

A PDF file is one of the best file formats for storing print documents securely. However, although a PDF can contain media files like photographs, they’re not meant to be edited with it. If you have print documents such as images that you need to alter, then PDF will not be useful.

This is where EPS comes in handy as the ideal solution. EPS is primarily built for editing and manipulating images. If you convert a PDF into an EPS, you’ll be able to customize the size of the graphics to suit your needs. It is not possible to save a PDF as an EPS from the file menu. That is why you’ll need to use a converter. There are two methods for converting a PDF to an EPS file, both of which need the use of third-party software.

Method 1. Browser-based converter

The first method is a browser-based converter. Users who do not want to install programs on their computers should utilize a browser-based converter. This method is ideal when only a few files need to be converted. These converters have fast upload and download speeds paired with simple and user-friendly interfaces.

Here are the best and the easiest online ways you can use to convert  PDF to EPS. We have highlighted, discussed, and included the steps you can use to successfully convert your PDF files. Read on.

1.      Convertio

The first conversion tool in our list is Convertio online tool. The program has a very friendly and simple interface that is paired with a fast download and upload speed. Additionally, Convertio offers a variety of conversion tools, including audio, document, video, image, and ebook converters, as well as converters for presentation, typeface, archive, and OCR.

 Its image converter can produce high-quality photographs, and it also has extra features to help you get the most out of your visit to its website.

How to convert PDF to EPS using Convertio:

  • Visit the official co website on your browser
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-1
  • Select your PDF files from your PC, or Cloud storage and drag them to the website
  • Choose your preferred output format which is “EPS” from the available 200 formats
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-2
  • After the file converts, download and save your EPS files
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-3

    2.      Cloudconvert

    Another ideal way to convert your PDF to EPS is using an online CloudConvert document converter. The online tool offers high-quality conversions that will ensure that you don’t lose the quality of your print documents. Thanks to their advanced conversion technology that ensures the quality of the output will be exactly the same as the original file.

    Aside from that, CloudConvert supports PDF, PPTX, DOCX, XLSX conversions among many other formats. It supports over 200 file formats and it can connect to your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Additionally, CloudConvert allows you to adjust most of your conversion types to your needs by setting the quality of your output among others. All these features make CloudConvert an ideal utility for anyone who uses Mac OS, Windows, or even Chromebook.

    How to convert PDF to EPS using CloudConvert:

  • Navigate to Cloudconvert using your preferred web browser and select PDF to EPS
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-4
  • Select the PDF file you would like to convert or drag and drop
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-6
  • Choose your preferred output option
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-7
  • Convert your PDF file to EPS
  • View or save your newly created EPS file
  • Method 2. Computer-based software

    The second way of conversion is to use a computer-based software system. This is the best solution for people that need to convert a big number of files at once. It’s also useful when there’s a lack of internet connectivity. The following programs are excellent converters that can be downloaded:

    3.      Adobe Illustrator

    Another effective PDF to EPS converter is Adobe Illustrator. This highly-rated tool provides users with a variety of conversion options. One, you may process PDF files directly. Two, you can take advantage of the Photoshop program. You may also use the built-in Illustrator to convert PDF to EPS. You can count on high-quality files when using both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

    How to convert PDF to EPS using Adobe Illustrator:

  • Launch Adobe Illustrator
  • Open PDF in Adobe illustrator and select to import it as an image
  • Go to File>Save As. You can keep the current name of your PDF since the program will output it in EPS format
  • Choose output as ” illustrator EPS” and click “Save.”
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-8

    if you choose to use the photoshop program in Adobe:

  • Run Adobe Illustrator
  • Open PDF in Adobe Photoshop and select to import as an image.
  • Go to “File” and “Save As.” Click the arrow for “Save as Type” and select ” Photoshop EPS.”
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-9
  • Click “Save.”
  • Inkscape Conversion Tool
  • 4. Inkscape

    Inkscape is a free open-source PDF to EPS converter that supports several file formats. It is basically a vector drawing program that is used to produce original drawings and images. You can also use it to convert supported file formats from one format to another. Inkscape supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Additionally, Inkscape features an array of painting tools for drawing a design on a PDF page, transformation tools, effects & filters alignment options, among others for editing PDF before conversion.

    How to convert PDF to EPS using Inkscape:

  • Navigate to Inkscape’s official website and download the most recent software version
  • Install the software. It takes few seconds to install to your device
  • Import the PDFs to be converted
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-10
  • Edit the PDF document as per your requirement and convert
  • Click File > Save As feature to convert input PDF to EPS image.

    5.      GMIP

     GMIP another great conversion tool. It features rich graphics editing and it also supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. GMIP can be used to create graphics like business cards in various formats as well as converting existing graphics from one format to another. You can also create GIF animations as well using this tool.

    Aside from converting PDF to EPS, the software can also convert an array of formats including WEBP, PS, ICO among others. The only downside of this tool is that its interface is not very intuitive. It takes a while to get used to it.

    How to convert PDF to EPS using GMIP:

  • Start with the installation of the GMIP PDF Converter. You can download the software from their official site
  • Select and add PDF files to work with. You can set the range of PDF pages to import
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-11
  • You can several modifications to the input PDF page using tools like paint tools, rotate, resize, flip if required
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-12
  • Convert input PDF to EPS image by using its Export As feature and selecting output format as EPS
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-13

    6.      BatchPhoto

    Another excellent choice for converting PDF to EPS is BatchPhoto. It is a batch picture converter that works with over 170 formats, covering every image type you’re likely to see in your life. Its overall performance and capabilities make it a popular choice. BatchPhoto will always make you feel at ease, thanks to its high-quality conversion, user-friendly interface, and batch processing capabilities

    In a Nutshell, BatchPhoto features high-quality conversion, batch conversion, resizing and renaming images in batch, and image editing among other features.

    How to convert PDF to EPS using BatchPhoto:

  • Download  BatchPhoto to your pc
  • Install and Launch the Software
  • Click on Add Photos then select or drag and drop PDF to the program.
  • If you need to edit the file before conversion, go to the Edit Photos interface and add filters
  • Go to Setup, select output as EPS
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-14
  • Click Process to start to convert PDF to EPS
  • 7.      PDFelement 

    If a PDF file contains high-quality features, converting it to EPS might be a time-consuming operation. In such cases, Wondershare PDFelement is the ideal tool for extracting and converting images to EPS from any PDF file. This program allows users to batch convert PDF files with the same picture formatting and layout.

    PDFelement is the greatest solution for converting PDF files to EPS in minutes while maintaining the original image or graphics quality. It’s a terrific way to make your job easier because it lets you modify PDFs, add password security, use digital signatures, add photos or links, convert scanned images, and organize them before converting them for use elsewhere.

    How to convert PDF to EPS using PDFelement:

  • Download  PDFelement to your pc
  • Install and Launch the Software
  • select “Open files” to upload your files. You can also Navigate to your PDF file, right-click and select “Convert to” in the menu. A new window of PDFelement will open
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-15
  • If required, go to the “Edit” tab and select “Edit” to edit any text and images on your PDF file.
  • Choose the “Output format”, then hit the “Apply” button to start the conversion
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-16
  • Click the “Save” button
  • convert-pdf-to-eps-17


    Although there are many free solutions for converting a PDF file to an EPS format you can choose, professional picture programs like the ones discussed above are ideal solutions. They maintain the quality of your PDF files, allow you to set output EPS parameters before converting, and even feature batch conversion. Aside from that, you can also enable users to alter PDF files by transforming, applying effects or filters, among other changes.

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