Percentage increase in Microsoft Excel 2019

For this example, make sure you have clicked into cell J5 of theworksheet used in the preceding example. Our task is to work out thepercentage increase for product prices in-store and add this to thecurrent product price. We are also having a store sale and would like toreduce our prices by a certain percentage and arrive at the new saleprice.

To work out this formula, we would need to take the Product Price and add it to the New ProductPrice, then multiply by the PriceIncrease we would like. We can write this formula in another way,for example, Product Price multipliedby 1 plus the percentage increase. That is a much easier formula toconstruct and would be typed up as follows, according toour =H5*(1+I5) example:

ms office 361

Type the formula =H5*(1+I5) into the cell J5 and use theAutoFill handle to copy the formuladown to the rest of the cells. Note that you can adjust Price Increase by entering anotherpercentage into a cell in that column, after which New Product Price will adjustaccordingly.

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