Performing a mail merge in Microsoft Word 2019

A mail merge is a standard document that you can create and mergewith a contact list to produce a merged document. A standard documentcould be in the form of a letter, envelope, labels, and so on. Thecontact list or data source contains the unique information (fields)that you can merge via merge fields into the document.

A Mail Merge has many uses for business users in that they can speedup the production of personally addressed emails to clients for directmarketing, or standard updates or notifications, for instance. Thissaves time and has the added feature of being able to generate E-mails,Letters, Labels and Envelopes easily from a data source such as anaddress list.

The mail merge feature, is accessible by visiting the last step ofthe Mail Merge, named Finish & Merge at the end of the Mail Mergeribbon. During this last step you are able to select to send yourresults to email rather than to print them out. You are also able tostart the Mail Merge process by selecting the E-mail Messages optionfrom the Start Mail Merge drop-down list.

The data source can be in the form of a Word table, an Outlookcontact list, an Excel worksheet, or an Access table. In this section,we will learn how to perform a mail merge manually, as well as how touse the wizard to perform a mail merge using letters, envelopes, andlabels.

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