Photo Albums, Sections, and Show Tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

In this chapter, we will cover how to add photos and captions to analbum and customize their order and appearance. You will also get toknow how to navigate a presentation easily using sections and will learnhow to rename and remove sections in a PowerPoint 2019 presentation.

Slide show presentation tools allow you tocontrol all aspects of a slide show, ensuring that you can show youraudience just the right content at the right time. In this chapter,you’ll also learn how to set up and manage slide shows, including how tocontrol slide timing and the playback of audio narration. This chapteralso includes a section on master slides, where we check the consistencythroughout a presentation and options for hiding or showing specificslides when you’re delivering a presentation.

The following list of topics are covered in thischapter:

  • Creating and modifying photo albums
  • Working with presentation sections
  • Applying animations and transitions
  • Using hyperlinks, actions, and comments
  • Exploring slide show options and custom shows
  • Using master slides and hiding slides

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