Software recommendations: photos into movies turned out to be so easy

If you have some photos that you want to make into a small movie, you can do it with a small PhotoToFilm software. With this software, you can make a small photo movie, add music and professional visual effects to make looking at photos as interesting as watching a movie.

Tip: If the software is launched and the traditional Chinese code appears, click the gear button on the left column and select the language as English.

1. Specify the photo source and output directory

Click the Add Files button in the Photos group in the PhotoToFilm window to add the photos needed for production; then click the Browse button in the Output group to specify the output folder for your work (Figure 1).


2. Arranging and deleting photos in order

If you add a lot of photos at once and want to move to a particular photo, in addition to using the arrow buttons to the left and right of the film preview bar to scroll through the selection, you can also click the Jump to button below it and use the sliding bar in the pop-up window to pinpoint a particular photo (Figure 2).


To rearrange the order of photos, click the Sort&Add subtitles button, select a photo in the pop-up Organize window, adjust the new position by the two small arrows after New Position below, and then click the Move button to move the position. If there are unwanted photos, you can click Delete to delete them. If you want to arrange all photos in a random order, click the Shuffle button to “reshuffle” them. In the Text text box, you can enter the title of the photo (Figure 3).


3. Audio Adding and Video Setting

To dub a photo mini-movie, add MP3 music or audio files through the Browse button under Soundtrack.

To set the video compression, select the codec through the Codecs codec list under Video Compression and set the codec through the Codec Configuration button. Additional codecs can also be downloaded by clicking on the blue text link below (Figure 4). In addition, the resolution of the video can be selected through the Resolution list; under the Options option group, the frame rate of the video picture can be set.


With the Effects menu, you can also choose two video effects.

When all these settings are done, click the Go button and you can output your small movie.

Tip: For unfinished works or works that need to be saved as templates, you can save them as project files with the command “File→Save”.

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